Who died and made him God?

That question could be asked about Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un and so many more self-entitled men who seem to believe that people are their playthings to manipulate any way they please, including making innocent people sacrifice their lives on battlefields in wars that weren’t necessary in the first place.

But a show I was watching on CBC Gem last night had a line that made me rethink my question at the top here. A detective in the series Crime mentioned that people like the serial killer he was hunting were on the road to hell and they want to take as many people with them as they can.

Indeed. That explains a lot of things. Serial killers know they have committed grievous sins in the eyes of humanity and any other intelligent life in the universe. If there is anything but oblivion after death, you gotta think they will be joining the likes of Adolph Hitler in some sort of hell. And they surely know they are beyond redemption at this point. They could open their hearts to Jesus and still rot in hell afterward.

The feeling of dread that accompanies that sense of hopelessness may be what drives men like Putin. He is well past the point of indifference for his crimes against humanity: he surely relishes his role as a disciple of evil now.

Maybe the question should be, Who died and made him the devil?

— Jillian