The sun is setting on the legacy newspaper business.

That’s pretty much the prevailing wisdom these days. Baby boomers still like to read the newspapers they grew up with — if those papers still exist — but younger folks are getting a lot of their news on social media sites.

Not that the younger crowd doesn’t like to read lengthy articles, too. But I suspect they are gravitating to those articles on smaller, hipper alt media publications put together by people who are more in touch with their generations.

After all, the baby boomer generation has a lot to be held accountable for, and they really aren’t doing much to address those issues (i.e. climate change). Some newspapers are still in climate change denial, while others give it scant coverage. Lip service, essentially.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I might design a new metropolitan daily. There’s the obvious, of course: no brick and mortar offices, and it would be digital only. That eliminates a lot of legacy overhead right off the bat.

I have other ideas as well. But I’m keeping them to myself for now — in case I decide to go that route.

But I would like to hear from my readers here, even if most of you are baby boomers. Think young: you’re 25, hip, very connected to social media. You want to be informed. What do you want in your digital newspaper? And how much of it do you want?

You be the publisher . . .

— Jillian