Tis the season to put aside “my indignation over the sorry state of the world,” columnist Barbara Kay wrote last week.

It struck me as both a nice thought and an apt professional summary from someone who expresses a lot of indignation in her newspaper columns and on social media. I could relate to it. This blog is full of indignation, too. Indignation is the stuff of many columnists.

And tweets. I was reading some of Jordan Peterson’s tweets today. I couldn’t help think, “man, he is bitter. Like Alistair Sim’s Scrooge in the first part of the film A Christmas Carol.” Maybe that’s his schtick. Or maybe it’s genuine teenage rage? But, wait. Could an old guy pull off teen angst?

OK.That’s a stretch. And maybe a little indignant, too, yes? I’m just going with a little freeflow this evening. I’m not picking on Jordan Peterson. I wish him peace and love and harmony. 

So, there, goodbye indignation for a while. I’m with Barbara on that. I’ve found myself moving that way, anyhow. And I have no doubt that it really is a “tis the season” thing. Well, I hope it is. Maybe for one day, at least. Christmas Day. Imagine if there was no indignation around the world. Sing it, John . . .

But that’s not really what I wanted to talk about tonight . . .

Polyamory. The word brings a smile to my face, and a happy feeling on this evening. Warming, actually. My bff and I stumbled across the series You Me Her on Amazon Prime about three happy people in a relationship. It’s upbeat. It’s fun. It’s edgy. And there’s no indignation.

Just smiles and laughs, and the stress relief that comes with them. 

It’s a very smart series, well produced and acted, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes over five seasons. (And, hey, I could so do a polyamorous relationship. It is a bisexual’s nirvana.)

“Smart” is a word I look for when scanning the offerings on streaming services, and there are a fair number of good offerings. Among them on my current rotation and highly recommended is the series Sort Of, about a gender fluid millennial. It is enlightening and entertaining. And it’s hip and cool. Watch it, and you’re caught up with the times.

So, tis the season, eh . . .

— Jillian