So, Uganda has passed a bill that appears to criminalize people for even identifying as LGBTQ, according to a CBC report today. Uganda has long been steeped in homophobia, bigotry and persecution, so this may not come as a great surprise to anyone. It’s just one of many countries that persecutes the LGBTQ community, and it may feel emboldened now to tighten the screws even more as anti-LGBTQ sentiment spreads in some Western nations.

Like the United States. From my vantage point in Canada, I’m kinda dumbfounded by how rapidly rights are being stripped away from citizens. And it’s not just the LGBTQ community. All women are, figuratively, being raped into submission on the abortion issue. Do as you’re told, or the state will incarcerate you. Some Republicans have even suggested executing women who have abortions. How does it feel when you always had control of your own body and then some hoary male Republican takes that control away? Rape, I’d wager.

Ye, in God’s name, eh?

It’s the old “give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile” story. Republican politicians have been enabled in many states, and they are moving quickly to erase the LGBTQ from their cities and to make women submissive hens a.k.a. 1950.

It certainly looks like a well-organized crusade by elements of the Christian right, which seem to be bent on forcing everyone to live heterosexual lifestyles. LGBTQ history, literature, film and art will be incinerated in the Christian bonfires, and maybe some people who refuse to conform along with them.

Anything is possible these days. Superstition, fear and ignorance are rampant. I saw a report today about some U.S. pastor who told his flock that it’s OK to kill LGBTQ people because God wouldn’t mind.

The goal is Uganda. Zero trace of LGBTQ.

But that was always their goal. Religious extremists have always been against anything LGBTQ because in their hearts, they really feel it is evil. It’s a deep-seated fear that they mistakenly connect to some imaginary supernatural entity. But their real madness is in the persecution. It’s terrifying, if not terrorism.

I couldn’t help but think today how similar Christian crusaders are to those in other faiths who control their people through archaic religious doctrine and imaginary deities.

For the Christians, it’s a “holy war,” according to one report.

It’s not unlike what drives Putin in his Ukraine slaughter. Or leaders in any number of nations, like Afghanistan and Iran. Ignorance. Irrational fear. Hate. Not love. Holy?

Who would have thought that we might be comparing some U.S. states to Iran and Afghanistan and Uganda in 2023? America? The home of democracy?

That’s the elephant in the room. Democracy is under attack in America — by religious fanatics and those who do their bidding. They want Uganda. They want Iran. Some may even want Afghanistan.

Click, click . . .

— Jillian