In the end, everything is irrelevant.

People tend to forget that. They get caught up in all manner of petty things during their lives, especially these days on hateful forums like Twitter.

But it is all for naught in the end: when you are on your deathbed, will it matter that some drag queen read stories to other people’s children? Or that some trans person found fulfillment in their life? Or that some woman found true love with a woman? Or a man with a man?

These days, so many people seem to be preoccupied with telling other people how to live their lives, while overlooking the larger issues — such as the survival of the human race and all other animals in the face of climate change, extreme heat and related weather events, war, famine, and on and on.

Mankind faces many threats to its own survival, yet chooses to focus on petty issues. So many are spending their precious days focusing on hate instead of love.

We’ve almost reached the “please, get it over with” stage. Go ahead, Mr. Putin. Start a nuclear war. Put mankind out of its misery once and for all.

Eventually, the Earth will cleanse itself of the cancer that is mankind. Though, it, too, will one day slip into total irrelevance when its natural life cycle comes to an end. But it will have a much better life without mankind.

All things must pass . . .

— Jillian