Why should a male have to identify as a “transsexual” (or a “female”) to be able to wear femme clothing to work? That seems to be the bottom line of a recent court case in Puerto Rico, which I am not going to get into here.

But I’ve pointed out the double standard before: women have much more freedom than men do when it comes to attire. Women can wear men’s clothing in the workplace — as long as it is appropriate for the type of job they are doing. But men don’t have the same right. In short, men do not have equal rights when it comes to attire.

Anytime I do a post in either of my blogs about men who wear pantyhose and skirts, the blog hits soar. I get personal emails from guys — around the world — applauding me for speaking out for them. In both my blogs, old posts on the subject still draw a lot of hits.

I suspect the rules and laws are pretty murky about it all, and that it is largely up to employers to set their dress codes. Certainly, it would be discrimination for an employer to tell a trans person that she cannot dress en femme in the workplace.

But what if a man, who does not identify as trans, wants to wear a dress or a skirt to work? Shouldn’t he have the same freedom of presentation in the workplace that women and (most) “transsexual” people have?