Nudism by necessity

It’s one of those days . . . hot and sticky.

I’m not complaining. We long for days like these all winter . . . which is very long in these parts. And summer is far too fleeting.

But it’s here now, and it’s too hot to wear clothes.

Though, I will have to put something on for a couple of hours when I drive to the village to pick up some groceries. But it won’t be much. And after that, it will be a clothesless weekend for me.

A songbird is singing outside my window, the lake is barely rippling . . .

Summertime and the living is easy . . .

Freeze frame . . . If only I could (selfishly) stop the Earth from spinning today . . .

Sigh . . . I really must look into moving to California because I want this sort of weather all year.

And I would fit in with the Beverly Hills crowd, don’t you think? (Well, maybe not economically speaking, but I’ve got the bubbly ‘tude, yes?) But is Beverly Hills ready for a naked Shaolin priestess . . . lol . . . Hey, they’ve seen it all down there . . .

Back to reality: This is prime naturism time here, when nudism is almost a necessity. During the next six weeks or so, I will get a chance to reunite with my naturism group for the summer barbecue, go to clothing-optional section of Oka Beach once or twice, and do lots of skinnydipping in the lake outside my window. Oh, yes, and lounge about on the deck, of course, in  the company of my sweetheart.

And the aforementioned activities wouldn’t cost anywhere near the price of lunch in the Beverly Hills Hotel (if I weren’t boycotting it, of course).

Indeed, there is no place like home at this time of the year.

I wish you all a carefree weekend — either clothed or not clothed.


— Jillian




20 thoughts on “Nudism by necessity

  1. I have mentioned something along these lines when at a store in line or just randomly stating, “it makes more sense to not turn up the a/c unit but to take clothes off.” The responses are usually positive.

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  2. Our house is 110 years old but well insulated and with proper glass, etc. We have A/C but rarely use it. We’re quite aware of those stiflingly hot days and evenings where it’s certainly a blessing to be clothesfree!

    And then we think of our predecessors here. Picture a hot summer day in 1904 when wool was the preferred fabric, suits were common, and corsets mandatory even at home! There’s a display case at the elementary school up the street depicting those poor kids in their woolen outfits… melting. And OUR kids complained that the A/C in that same school wasn’t good enough!

    Oh yes it’s hot, even nude, but considering that we’re looking towards another 8 months or so of nasty-cold weather? Bring on the heat!

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  3. Just made the nude drive back home from Oak Lake Trails, gpt ram out of the pool while playing pool volleyball. 😦 So now home for the rest of the evening ah natural ! 🙂

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      1. Our winters is the midlands of South Carolina are not much different that middle Florida. This is the only place I’ve ever lived that really feels like home. I’ve lived on LI, NY; NY,NY, Fort Laurderdale & Hollywood, FL, Tulsa; Okla. Definitely prefer the Columbia, SC weather, people, and prices.

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  4. Florida? Much better to head to the Mayan Riviera and avoid resorts except for their publicly accessible clothing optional beaches (Near Puerto Morelos) and enjoy privacy in your own casa’s high-walled gardens. This is how my wife and I spend three winter months.

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  5. (maybe second time’s the charm?) If you think its hot up there try coming down here to Arizona where it’s 110+ and will be for the next month or more. Nudism by necessity indeed! Of course I get to save some money compared to the clothed masses – not just on clothing and laundry – since I can be comfortably nude in temps 5-10 degrees warmer than clothed, I can use less air conditioning.


  6. Nudism by Necessity has come to Syracuse as well. Even when I was leaving work at midnight, it would have been nice if driving home nude had been an option.

    Have a happy (and nude?) Canada Day.


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