Nudism/Naturism: Full-time or part-time?

A journalist asked me a question recently, something like this: Are you full-time nudist/naturist at heart, or part-time?

I answered part-time, because I do love fashion. In an ideal world, in which the weather co-operated and the laws permitted full-time nudism, I would still wear clothes much of the time.

But I know that not all of my nudism/naturism readers think that way. Many of you would gladly chuck all of your textiles and never wear clothes again if you didn’t have to — not even the leaves covering Eve and Adam in the left-hand column of this blog’s home page.

So, where do you stand on this issue (in an ideal world): full-time nudist or part-time? And why?

— Jillian

P.S. I may have raised this issue here before (am not sure), but there are so many new readers here that it is worthwhile opening the discussion again.

31 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Full-time or part-time?

  1. I am a full-time nudist on Travelites Nudist Retreat unless I have to go to town to purchase groceries or something for the park and when doing dangerous work such as mowing, burning brush, etc.

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      1. Definitely. Our 7 acres are perfect for whatever you want. Since living in the Midlands of South Carolina, our nuding season is relatively long. In cooler weather we enjoy our 8×8-ft hot tub and camaraderie of members and friends.

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      2. I definitely do, Jillian. This last electric bill was $265. If we weren’t full-time nudists, it would be higher because of the clothing….don’t raise the a/c, disrobe and save money. That’s a new heat pump, it probably would have been higher had we not updated it.


  2. I am like Cheri, nude unless I have to be clothed. (Hi Cheri). My wife is nude when comfortable and convenient. If it’s warm she will take off her clothes when she gets home from work. (You should see my heating bills for the winter).

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    1. Steve, Hi…I sympathize with the heating bill. Get a couple of ceramic heaters to put into the rooms you’re occupying. Last year our electric bills were lower.


      1. Remember the deep-freeze last winter? We were in the Caribbean. Just missed it. but my daughter was home so the heat was on a lot.


  3. I too enjoy being nude as much as possible I enjoy the air on the body and freedom from clothing. My girlfriend however is ashamed of how her body looks after losing a lot of weight, (lots of excess skin). I’m hoping some day this will change.

    I like all your articles. Thanks

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  4. I am a full time nudist. I live in a clothing optional community. I wear clothing only when: 1) it is too cold to be nude
    2) when doing grocery shopping
    3) when visiting non nudist family members

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  5. My wife and I are full-time Naturists. we don’t like the concept of having to wear clothes other then when the weather or law does not permit. Don’t get me wrong, we do wear clothes… just feel that society(textiles) should not be so childish by their reactions when they come across someone who is doing social non-sexual nudity.

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  6. I think we certainly would fall into the ‘full-time’ category, though even if public nudity was legal we’d be unlikely to parade around downtown. That’s Textile Territory complete with Textile attitudes and behaviors and quite unappealing.

    We prefer to share nudism with other nudists/naturists or alone in celebration of nature; not as a means of offending the foolish and misguided folks who comprise nearly the entire population of the world. Being subject to ridicule and worse is not our idea of a good time!

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      1. Steve – I didn’t say ‘normal’, I said ‘legal’. It won’t be ‘normal’ within OUR lifetimes.

        Many things are legal but not appreciated by most folks. We also don’t stand around on street corners with photos of aborted babies or ranting about some religion. We try to hold in our farts in an elevator and don’t blow smoke in people’s faces where smoking is legal. But that’s just us.

        Offending others does not give us pleasure and forcing our nudity on others is not a part of nudism as we practice it; in fact, it’s the opposite. That’s why nudists/naturists tend to remove themselves from Textiles; we don’t wish to offend nor to be surrounded by those who offend us by their behavior. What’s the fun in that?

        Nudism is about enjoying nudity comfortably, not using it to bother others unnecessarily. It’s just common courtesy. Exposing oneself with the intent to shock or attract is exhibitionism; doing so without regard for the feelings of others is selfish.

        Of course, others use nudity to protest, sell something, or to make a point, but that’s a different issue and outside the realm of social nudism.

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  7. I would consider myself a full time nudist. I am pretty much nude most of the time, except for work of course. My wife may wear a sarong, or something similiar, unless we have to go out for some reason. The heating bills do go up in winter, but living in South east Texas, our cooling bills in summer are what hurt. We turn up the thermostat, strip and live “green”. Not many textiles in the south can set their thermostat to 84 F during the summer.

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  8. We would have to consider ourselves full time nudists. If the opportunity arises, we are nude. My wife will, on occasion, wear a sarong/sheer dress or a robe in the winter but for the most part, we live nude all the time.

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  9. I am a full-time naturist (not nudist). I work at home on computer, so I get the benefit of NOT having to get dressed in the morning. Unless I have to go out somewhere I never get dressed. If the rules of society permitted me to be nude in public all the time and everywhere, I would do so – weather permitting, of course. If I could move to a nudist club/resort and live there year-round, I would.

    Recently I wrote a novel based on this very thing. It’s about a nudist retirement community that opens up in northern Arizona and some of the main people there. “Chronicles of a Bare Naked Nudist,” for those who are interested in such reading. It can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and everywhere else online.

    Jacob Drake

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  10. Sadly; I have to consider myself a part-time nudist. I have to don textiles for work, to run errands around town and when my roommate has family or company over to the house… which is a couple times a week. When the stars align correctly and I have the house to myself (like now); I am nude and comfortable. Fortunately: we have a pool in the backyard that is pretty private so I am able to lay out and swim sans shorts or inhibitions.

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