Nudism/Naturism: Games naked people play

This weekend during an outing with my naturism group, I got to play some basketball — naked.

It marked my return to the basketball court after a long absence, and it took me a little while to get my shots back, with emphasis on “little while.” I was surprised by how quickly it all came back to me while I practised doing layups and foul shots etc.

Then the real fun began. I played a little one-on-one with a 6’9″ guy some 15 years younger than me. And I was winning! lol.

OK, I was only up by one basket, because he was having trouble sinking his shots. But he did mention that he was somewhat embarrassed by the idea of losing to little not-that-old me.

So, I eased up on him . . . Yes, he scored a few . . .

I was running out of breath, anyway, but I finally did catch my second wind. And now I am rarin’ to go again, to play basketball regularly, if at all possible.

The gymn facilities are available to our group when we rent this particular place, which also features a nice pool, hot tub and sauna. It also has volleyball net and squash courts, the latter a game I haven’t played in many moons. But I remember squash as a very tough sport, so I think will pass on that one.

As for playing basketball in the buff — one forgets people are naked, and just focuses on the game.

A lot of fun . . .

How about you? What sports do you play in the buff?

— Jillian

12 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Games naked people play

  1. Volleyball, Pickle Ball, Tennis … I’d like to play baseball, football and golf naked but haven’t found the right place, enough people or the interest in football. We could make it easy, with football, and play flag. Basketball is fun but hell on my knees.

    Naked Sports …. Just Do It! 😉

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  2. Tennis, mostly doubles, Frisbee football, some volleyball,. If you play soccer, be careful if you play barefoot.. Until your feet toughen up, you might get a few
    sore toes if you kick it wrong. All good fun. A little basketball but not my game.
    Also a pool game called either water polo or water hockey. Fun.


    1. Your statement is one of many that gets our numbers into trouble. Nudism/naturism is NOT about sex. It is about de-stressing, and returning to innocence. It’s about accepting your self for who you are, how you act, and what you say. I own a small naturist retreat. We are a family-friendly, G-rated venue. That would definitely turn away some first-timers and not appropriate for youngsters.
      I am a nudist; first, ,last & only.

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      1. ALOHA:….. hope i find both of you guys well….. each is welcome to your opinion… the STATEMENT which Jillian said was: “…What sports do you play in the buff?…”….. she did NOT say in an organized group or retreat which people attend. Or, for that matter, a nude beach or recreational spot, such as “English Gardens” in central Munchen (Munich) and similar places! If you have “problems” with this comment, I would suggest looking at it! And come on!; a little sense of humor would assist you. I think anything else said would not go anywhere. I do not need to go to a high priced resort to be naked. My property or local beaches serve fine. I am certain that more people enjoy sex and lovemaking naked then attend organized events. The statement is accurate and is exactly responsive to Jillian’s question. I invite you to look at that! and laugh once in awhile.


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