15 thoughts on “Anti-virus and firewall software

  1. I find AVG quite good because it is less obtrusive(we call it Lite) than most but does a good job. If you can afford the Pro and/or Premium versions, go for it.(More complete) It is not recommended to run(install) two avirus or firewalls as they might conflict and slow the startup and some running processes. Also keep in mind that there is really not one “best” of show in the game unless you work for the NSA or CSE – and we don’t want to go there. If you can I would think about moving to Windows 7 because you may be aware that Windows Vista is just an enhanced clone of XP which is not supported any longer. As well with Win 7 you will be allowed to update to Windows 10(being released Fall 15) for “Free” according to the Tech wires. Check your hardware specs though if you think about using a new Win


      1. By the way, I usually get the Norton AntiVirus for 3 PCs — comes in handy if you have more than one PC and if you want share with a friend too. I shop for the best price (Ebay, Amazon, etc.) and I usually pay around $20 the past couple of years — usually less than what most places want for the single PC variety.

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      2. I’ve been using Norton 360 the last few years with no problems and renewed the subscription each year. I have used AVG (free version) , Zone Alarm, McAfee, and I think one other. The programs were attacked by viruses. Norton is the only one I’ve used that survives.
        Whatever you use, run it once a week or more to make sure your computer is clean.


  2. Then either AVG or Zone Alarm will do nicely. When I had a PCI, I used free AVG for av and free Zone Alarm for firewall. Worked quite nicely. You can’t go wrong with either.


  3. Hi Jill,

    I’m using Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus on an Acer (Vista) and on a HP (Win7) laptop. I’m very pleased with the product and have been using it going on 15 years — it does a really good job.




      1. JP. Do your homework(Pricing). While Norton maybe good for most systems I have seen it bog-down others. It is a “well” promoted brand and part of Microsoft. Initially it comes bundled with most Win machines. Last time I checked(a long time ago) it was free(license) for a 1yr but after that they required a yearly Sub. to keep it updated(read: hook). I don’t wish to downplay it’s effectiveness. It’s just that unless you have unlimited funds that has to be considered. It(Norton) is designed for that type of network.+ website(like VeriSign – big $$) oh, and most avirus come with Firewalls(Pro versions) so running another one along side the AV is redundant. Don’t forget that Windows(all versions) has a built-in one which is quite good if you elect to use Free(Basic) avirus. Google avirus reviews and you will get a list of the best that’s out there with Pro|Con comparisons + pricing.


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