My heart was broken last night when I posted a report to the Gazette’s website  about an accident in Vermont that resulted in five local teenagers in one car being killed.

It seems that someone else was driving down the wrong side of the road, and caused the accident along with several others. Other people were injured, and last I heard, the wrong-way driver was in critical condition.

Quebec is a neighbour of Vermont; many Quebecers go to Vermont on weekends, especially at this time of the year to see the spectacular fall foliage. Others have their cottages there, and it is also a favourite destination for skiers.

I am still saddened by this today. Five young people who had their whole lives in front of them . . .

The tragedy is affecting people in Vermont and the Montreal area — many of our readers expressed their sadness. Some reported driving by the area shortly after the accident and seeing the police cars and ambulances.

It is a tragedy . . . so very sad.

My heart and condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims.

— Jillian