Nudism/Naturism: The business side

Social nudism/naturism is presenting investment opportunities, according to a lite article on a site called Clapway.

Some of the numbers it cites are encouraging, if not overwhelming evidence of the investment potential of social nudism/naturism: “50 million Europeans visit a nudist beach at least once a year.” And “the industry is worth $400 million worldwide.” And “major holiday (vacation) companies include nudist-oriented activities,” including the top three in Britain.

Certainly, there is some money to be made for savvy entrepreneurs and resort-type firms, but I’m not sure I would buy stocks in a company focusing solely on social nudism/naturism. After all, “$400 million worldwide” is not a huge number on a planet with 8 billion naturally nude people.

So, indeed, there are investment opportunities, but they are very limited, I think. The few resorts/camp grounds I know of in Quebec and Ontario that focus exclusively on naturism have their loyal clientele, but the owners aren’t getting rich: it seems to be a labour of love for them, as in retirement projects that complement their own lifestyles.

I certainly can’t see any company floating public shares in an enterprise that focuses only on naturism/nudism — but I may be mistaken.

I’m curious about the business side of nudism/naturism, and I’m hoping readers here will share their insights.

Is anybody making big money in social nudism/naturism? Do you see a potential?

— Jillian

Photo credit: Carl Larsson’s Model writing postcards, 1906.  (Photo: Carl Larsson – Public domain – via Wikimedia Commons)

21 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: The business side

  1. The biggest difference from Europe to the US is that the US is so puritan that nudist resorts are scared of marketing. I have never seen a nudist resort in the US that markets outside of the choir, including the AANR. The way that many of the “resorts” are run is like their business plan is to go out of business. Newcomers are suspect, there’s no follow-up communication after the first visit, and worst, the price of admission for a single man is one woman. “Resort” is ridiculous- it’s like saying that the swingset in the park is Disneyland,

    My fantasy is to win the big lottery and start buying these “resorts” and build a network of true nudist resorts that will live up to the name.

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    1. Man. you hit the nail right on the head and drove it home. We’ve all heard of body shaming, but I think this is nude resort shaming. Are these “resorts” ashamed to promote to the general public?


      1. Maybe they are afraid of attracting the wrong crowd when they promote themselves too much. Nudist resorts are very fragile businesses. One incident could mean the end.
        I think that they prefer mouth to mouth advertising in order to limit the risks…


      2. nakedwanderings below nails it. “the wrong crowd”. They’re making a moral judgement based on their moral views of what naturism should be about. Different people have different views and different motivations. As long as everyone behaves responsibly and respectfully there should be no issue with motivations. Americans and others seem to go to a pain to be asexual and that alienates a lot of people who might otherwise be interested. The overly puritan aren’t going to be interested so don’t pander to them.


  2. An interesting conversation. I remember preparing a 15 page document for an AANR marketing committee a few years back. I named it: Relevance. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that the missing element to AANR’s overall success was, and still is, the lack of a robust nudist business community. Consider for a moment the energy, publicity and awareness about nude recreation that Bare Necessities Travel generates with their annual Big Nude Cruise from Florida. Now think if we had 10 or 20 travel companies selling nudist travel and cruises and the energy they would provide as they marketed their trips to the public. Consider if we had 30 or 40 companies selling day trip experiences like nude white-water rafting trips, nude hiking excursions or nude gardening and nude culinary experiences. Nude Yoga is growing big time. What about the energy a national nude sports organization would provide throwing weekend tournaments at the resorts? Think about how each of these nudist entrepreneurs would generate energy and awareness about nudism as they promoted their offerings and tried to grow their businesses.

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    1. All great ideas for sure. However the reality is business and business likes profits and all sporting organizations require sponsors. Few if any sponsors in today’s climate are willing to be associated with nudity because of the media induced thought that nudity equals sex. 😦 Love the ideas and all for it but realities are what they are. Until we can get the US to have a european mentality it’s going to be a struggle.

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  3. Most nude resorts here in the US are only busy on the weekends and for the holidays. However a staff must be maintained and that requires a payroll paid for by the members dues and visitors dues. We haven’t even addressed maintenance and improvements to facilities and services. The resort we belong to Oaklake Trails is very well managed and offers many opportunities for fun and entertainment. Single men are welcome although due to Past Histories (so guys you brought it on yourselves) they are closely monitored for the first few visits.

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  4. I own Travelites Nudist Retreat, now going into its 30th year. I’ve never made money off of the club. In fact, our day fees are less than any other venue in South Carolina. We welcome members to visit all year long – winter, hot tub really feels good, and I’ve been known to cook for visitors as I did this past weekend. I advertise during the warmer seasons outside of the choir including on Facebook, Eventful, etc. I just cannot afford a splashy ad. Some of our friends and members do contribute more than the recommended donation/fee. I will welcome singles as long as I can speak w/them before the visit either on the phone or in person.

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  5. As the owner of Clothing Optional Home Network, a network of upscale clothing optional Bed and Breakfasts, we focus on marketing to non-nudists…strange as that might seem. Traditional nudists equate a nudist experience as camping or beach activity. There is a vast segment of the population that WANTS to try social nudity, but wants a more luxurious experience without traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean…and doesn’t want a lifestyle experience. We believe that “if you build it, they will come” and if the current “resorts” can take the plunge to upgrade facilities AND market them as such, they can attract a clientele that is willing to pay more than a $15/night tent camping fee. It takes LOTS of tent campers to build up any significant revenue! $125-$250 a night for a quality experience rings the cash register!

    Some of the above posters are correct…there is a resistance by “normal” businesses to be associated with the nudists world. What’s the answer? Nudist organizations and businesses actually working TOGETHER to boost exposure. Do as Bare Necessities has done and actually charge an appropriate rate for the quality nudist experience they offer! It’s obvious to us that there ARE nudists out there willing to pay for a quality experience…the industry, in general, simply isn’t providing what the consumer wants. We’ll continue to wave the flag for improving the quality of experience for old and new nudists.

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      1. Thanks! We work really hard to move the naturist world in a positive direction…understanding that many are just looking for a rustic experience. We want to attract NEW nudist who want something more.

        Social media and active SEO is the missing component for most naturist businesses. Listen to George…he knows his stuff!


  6. Well, SOMEBODY is making money off of nudity! Here’s the ad off this article: 😉

    As is obvious, nudity is always associated with sex and I’m afraid that nudism as a tourist industry in the US would also be perceived, or only accepted, in a sexually related fashion. I can’t blame only the media for this attitude; nudity and sex have always gone hand in hand, with some exceptions, and that’s what makes babies. The difference with nudists/naturists is that we’re able to differentiate the two, and when it’s time for one or the other.

    Most folks can’t do that, mainly because they’ve never learned how. They’ve learned not to have certain feelings for certain people (parents, siblings, children…) but can’t seem to manage that one step further to not always lusting after just anyone who happens to be naked.

    So, as others have pointed out here and everywhere, it’s hard to find support from folks who think nudity and sex are paired and considered ‘normal’ in that context, but who simply cannot fathom how folks could be nude together without immediately having an orgy!

    Most small clubs didn’t begin as a profit making venture, but as a safe haven for friends. As society continues to change, most of these will fade away, leaving a few ‘resorts’ that have little to do with naturism.

    Plenty of opportunity for profit in nudity and sex in American society, but very little for simple nudity.

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  7. We have to prove there is a demand, which can be difficult; I could not even locate a Meetup in my area, so I started one…of course, there is the uphill battle of proving this is not some kind of Sex club and bridging the gap to get the support of those who accept nudity, but won’t “come out of the closet” because of social climate. $Billions are spent on swimwear, lovely lingerie and $Billions more on porn in its various forms. We have to clearly distinguish between Nude and Sex, but with so many carrying both banners, the lines have become fuzzy.
    Re. single men – resorts really do treat them as the enemy. I have been with my wonderful wife for 30 years, but she is modest and so I don’t have a club, I feel welcome to go to and join.


  8. Hi, we are running a nudist blog and we have been investigating the possibilities for online advertising for nudist/naturist organizations. Apparently, at the moment there are none. Google Adwords blocks everything related to nudity and the platforms that do allow nudity are porn-oriented. The only exception is Naked Creatives, but they don’t seem to get their business off the ground.

    So we thought we’d give it a shot ourselves, we contacted 30 nudist businesses (ranging from resorts to magazines to travel agencies) to test their interest in an online publicity platform (very general, no money talk or anything).
    We haven’t received a single reply…

    So we ask ourselves the question: Is there really no interest in online publicity? Or are nudist businesses just not ready for this?


  9. Improving Nudist Business: Expand more IF possible, Open to singles to visit, Host activities for singles, Decouple from AANR?? Join FKK, Market Nackations for Health, adopt how EU markets Nude Rec.
    Modernize Clubs AANR, Poll members, screen guests prior, Give Incentives to visit & stay,
    Reuse idle hotel space for Nackation Center?? Ranch, camp, etc IF any.
    Expand in HI alone: Kauai, Big Island, Molokai, Maui.
    Adopt Pasco County FL model with EU model.
    Market Health & Wellness with Nackaitons alone.
    Lobby hotels for Nackation areas in hotels: HI. Caribbean, Mexico, DR, Belize, Cuba?? USVI, BVI, Guadelope, St Martin,
    Expand Nude Rec for Brazil: Hotels, eco resorts, beaches, select areas along Amazon River, lakes, alone from Atlantic to Inland to Matto Grasso area?? Unrtapped for Nackations alone $$$.


  10. All good comments. The main trouble is that the nudist community has always been fairly cloistered, preaching mainly to the choir. I’ve been involved with the Free Beach Movement since 1978, ASA-AANR since about 1980, and TNS for the same amount of time. I have been involved with trying to get the word out, and it is not easy. Most of the clubs give tacit approval for getting better PR, but when push comes to shove, few actually step up. Bare Necessities and a few of the larger clubs have increased our visibility greatly, but there is still much to do. The main problem? Acceptance, not just by mainstream media, but by ourselves!


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