Social nudism/naturism is presenting investment opportunities, according to a lite article on a site called Clapway.

Some of the numbers it cites are encouraging, if not overwhelming evidence of the investment potential of social nudism/naturism: “50 million Europeans visit a nudist beach at least once a year.” And “the industry is worth $400 million worldwide.” And “major holiday (vacation) companies include nudist-oriented activities,” including the top three in Britain.

Certainly, there is some money to be made for savvy entrepreneurs and resort-type firms, but I’m not sure I would buy stocks in a company focusing solely on social nudism/naturism. After all, “$400 million worldwide” is not a huge number on a planet with 8 billion naturally nude people.

So, indeed, there are investment opportunities, but they are very limited, I think. The few resorts/camp grounds I know of in Quebec and Ontario that focus exclusively on naturism have their loyal clientele, but the owners aren’t getting rich: it seems to be a labour of love for them, as in retirement projects that complement their own lifestyles.

I certainly can’t see any company floating public shares in an enterprise that focuses only on naturism/nudism — but I may be mistaken.

I’m curious about the business side of nudism/naturism, and I’m hoping readers here will share their insights.

Is anybody making big money in social nudism/naturism? Do you see a potential?

— Jillian

Photo credit: Carl Larsson’s Model writing postcards, 1906.Β  (Photo: Carl Larsson – Public domain – via Wikimedia Commons)