Nudism/Naturism: Discrimination against single men?

I find it hard to believe in this day and age that some public and semi-public naturism settings (i.e. beaches) — both clothing optional and nudism areas — and organizations are barring single men from attending.

It’s a problem I hear about from time to time here, but I am not sure just how extensive the issue is. Are we talking about a few places and groups, or the majority?

And are there also naturism organizations and settings that only allow families with kids in attendance?

Before I comment any further on this (in another post), I would like to hear from readers. What are your experiences with naturism organizations and public settings? And if you are running an organization that puts limits on the numbers of men allowed, please feel free to explain why you feel justified in doing so

Personally speaking, the naturism group I belong to has no such policy of limiting the ratio of men to women. I’m not sure what the exact ratio is, but I would bet it is around 60 percent males and 40 percent females.

But, you know, the truth is, when I participate in our swims and other activities, I don’t really notice who is female and who isn’t. Naturism is not only about body acceptance and stripping away the hangups that come with textiles, it is about deeper connections that transcend sexuality and gender.

So, it seems to me that barring single men from events and settings might very well be sexist discrimination, along the lines of “every single man has only one thing on his mind — sex — and can’t control himself.” That would be a terrible stereotype.

I suppose some would say that such rules are in place to protect women from being hit on over and over again by single men. But that type of behaviour could happen in any naturism setting, and those in charge would soon deal with it by expelling those who cross the line.

What say you?

— Jillian

Photo: Naturists at a hot spring in Taiwan. (Photo: Albert Yam, CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikipedia)

48 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Discrimination against single men?

  1. There are two nudist resorts in Oklahoma. One does not allow single men and it also is full nudity required. The other and more popular one is C/O and allows all without discrimination. However background checks are run, a bad history will get you banned. The fact that a few bad apples has brought this situation upon men can’t be lost in the conversation either.

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    1. Why don’t all places run a background check ? We use to live in Fontana cal. Our park had some problems with members wanting to band SINGLE men. Those against single men were the same people that think they can push everyone around . A full one third of the members were single when they frist became members and meet single women and married. So case closed.

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    2. I have had many bed experiences with single men and also first timers. I’ve been hassled so many times, I just quit going. I personally have been grabbed, masturbation in front of in broad daylight, photos taken, had a man position himself for “better view” during yoga class, had a guy come into my tent in the middle of the night drunk, you get the picture. When men can behave, I’ll be back. And now, every electronic item has a camera. Nudism for single women is a rough go.

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      1. Danielle Adair, those are very unfortunate experiences. All visitors to our resort are screened and background checked plus asker to join AANR. Single males are monitored and any activities such as you have described would get them instantly kicked out and barred probably for life. So sorry that you have experienced such rude and disgusting behavior. The freedom of nudity is one of the best things I have experienced as an adult. Ms. K


  2. I own Travelites Nudist & Club now in its 30th year. There has never been a quota and it’s worked out fine. If it’s just me and a member wants to stop by in the middle of the week, He is welcome, We rarely have to dismiss someone from the organization. , Your actions are rewarded with admittance.


  3. We were members at Lupin Lodge for more than 15 years, and their policy was behavior based. You misbehave and you’re out. I am guessing that the ratio was like 60% male. We haven’t ventured into and of the resorts “near” us in MA; we’re spoiled by being only 15-minutes from Lupin.

    As a woman, let me ask you this. How do you feel about the clubs and resorts where the price of admission by males is one woman? Isn’t this exactly what the “no single men” or “couples only” policies really mean? Do you feel elevated or used? Do the owners just want more eye-candy?

    I don’t recall where, but a couple of years ago the nudist press was reporting that a man was being evicted from his home of many years at a residential nudist community. His crime? His wife died.

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    1. I would not attend an event or join a group that discriminates against men (or anyone else) based on gender or sexuality or race etc.

      And, you’re right: there might be an “eye-candy” element to the “price of admission” policy you mention.


    2. My reply is this. If he’s got enough game to get a woman to go with, then so be it. I see the discrimination point. I have been a single nudist lady at multiple clubs. Every one is different. And each club makes their own rules. I’m a hard sell on this one because I’ve had some pretty negative experiences. Lupin lodge was one of them. They didn’t believe me. Basically blew me off. So, to your point of “woman for sale” , I never thought going with someone to be a couple was selling myself. I went to enjoy the day, and their company.

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  4. It’s a shame we live in the times that we do. I have been turned away because I was traveling by myself (male). They told me they were full up. Most times when I am camping I am only there to do just that, camp. I often keep to myself. I’m not the social butterfly everybody thinks I am. Just like everyone else I just want to enjoy the weekend like all the rest of the people there, naked.


  5. We have been doing quite some research about this subject because we were also planning to write an article about the “no single men policy”. In the end we decided to postpone this idea, because we couldn’t really provide any solutions and we can understand both sides.

    For single men we understand the annoyance. There are not that many nudist places and if you’re not allowed to visit half of them just because you have no female company, it’s really sad. And, without doubt, one should never be discriminated, for whatever reason.

    But we understand the owners of those places too. From a commercial point of view, if the place would get overrun by single men, this might scare away couples (we have to admit, as a couple we would also prefer to visit places where there are other couples over places that are 80-90% men). You have to remember that those places are still businesses. Their fear is that if there would be too many single men, the couples would stay away, which leaves them with an even worse m/f ratio and in the end even the men would stay away because it became a male only place.
    Similar tactics are also applied by night clubs.

    About the risk of attracting more perverts by allowing single men, we think this is overrated. These days it’s quite easy to do some background checks and if you run your business well it shouldn’t be that hard to identify people with wrong intentions and ban them from the property.
    In many nudist places in Europe (although it’s getting less and less), membership from a recognized nudist organisation is required. This way there is some background information about the visitors and if you behave badly, they know where to find you.

    Another interesting point is that the “no single men policy” seems to be much more applied in the USA than in Europe, but we couldn’t figure out why.

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    1. Consider this: Social nudism/naturism is partly about equality, respect and removing social barriers. Discriminating against and segregating people based on gender (or sexuality etc.) seems contradictory to the philosophy of naturism. Just as we don’t judge people on their body size, for example, we shouldn’t be judging them based on their gender. In fact, we shouldn’t be devoting any thought to, let alone discussion about, their gender, just as we don’t dwell on whether someone is large or small or whatever. So, a couple who feel uncomfortable because the majority of naturists at an event are male should be addressing their own insecurities. If we cater to their insecurities by barring single men, we aren’t doing them or naturism in general any favours. Au contraire, we would appear to be hypocritical to any newbies looking in and considering dipping their toes into the wide world of social naturism.


      1. That whole equality this is one of the biggest myths of naturism/nudism. People discriminate whether they are nudists or naturists. Part of the problem is people create social barriers not organizations so men also bring there issues to the nudist/naturist environment as it relates to how they treat women and that should be ignored. I frequent a clothing optional venue that does not restrict males. I have sat in a hot tub and listened to guys who are “solid” members there talk about how they scope out women describing them almost like prey or cattle. They wouldn’t say that in public or mixed gender company but apparently thought it was OK because I was a guy. I have also have people overreact when I gave a woman a complement about a new haircut assuming that it was a precursor to something more when nothing was further from the truth. I learned that I had been watched and scrutinized as a single male by people at the venue to see what kind of person I was. You know one of those guys. Being a single male at a naturist/nudist is compounded by my race which brings additional scrutiny some I wrote about five years ago on our site. Bottom line IMO we all bring our issues to the naturist/nudist space and being in that space doesn’t necessarily change that something else I have written about. To imagine that is the case is laudable. To believe it is the case seems to ignore the complexity of human social behavior. The clubs, groups and venues have a tough job to manage that behavior and still make a profit. So do it better than others.


      2. You make some good points. After all, we are all sexual beings. But still, we need to strive to achieve our ideals — in the same way we might go to a church to meditate or pray, even though none of us are saints. Naturism is a philosophy with ideals that require effort on our part. I think that’s one of the reasons we attend social nudism events, even if our thoughts may not always be 100 percent pure when we are there. Naturism events are as much educational experiences as they are pleasurable ones.

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      3. Maybe it’s not about feeling uncomfortable but rather about connecting to people. It’s also depend on the venue. For example on a nude beach, if we were the only couple we wouldn’t care, because we just want to relax, get a tan have a swim and go back home. But at a club or a resort we like to meet new people and have conversations. As a woman it would be more difficult to connect if everyone else was male, just like as a man it would be more difficult if everyone else was female. So for couples a mixed crowd is often the most fun. This doesn’t have anything to do with insecurities or discrimination.

        The same goes for age difference. We don’t have anything against people half our age or double our age, but it’s just easier to connect with people more or less our own age. Although we’ve had amazing conversations with nudists who could’ve been our grandparents, if everyone has a certain age and yours doesn’t even get close, it’s often more difficult to connect.


      4. Sorry Jillian – I see what you mean, but I disagree. For me, as a man, it is NOT enjoyable to turn up at an outing or swim, only to discover it is yet another “sausage party”. I got more than enough nude male “camaraderie” during my years in the military. True, there are times several of “the guys” have gotten together to skinny dip by the banks of a river or lake and build a bonfire, but it’s usually male-only because none of the women would join us. I MUCH prefer being in the company of a nude woman than a nude man…. but heartily prefer to spend nude time with my wife and another (or several) couple. And the nude women preference is NOT for “eye candy” appeal, since that IS sexual in nature. I also prefer forests to plains, mountains to deserts, and looking at horses rather than goats. Being around a decent percentage of nude women vs. males IS, I assure you, the opinion of the MAJORITY of men on the planet. AND it is really the only thing that, in my experience, will entice MORE women to try Naturism. If there were an instance of a vastly larger percentage of Males to Females in a given activity (say, 80-90 males to 10-20 females), those women would be VERY uncomfortable, and highly unlikely to remain at the activity, nor to ever attend one again. Believe me, it has taken YEARS before my wife would consent to participate with me…. and that is a huge issue for her.


    2. My husband and I have had really ugly experiences with single men. Ranging from,” You need help with that”, referring to me, a real human being. His wife. Photos, public masterbation, wearing clothes, then asking to photograph the wife. Bad apples make the barrel rotten.

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      1. They learn from our entertainment industry where nudity always equals sex in our movies and made for TV programing. Casual nudity is never shown, only sexual nudity. So yes their (men’s) brains are programed from an early age.


  6. I agree with many of the comments already made. Most of the time this is in response to inappropriate behavior by certain men, not just an arbitrary policy, at least at the places I’ve known, with some exceptions. There also are issues with women already being less drawn to activities involving nudity, due to body image, etc., which may increase with age, while men seem to be even more drawn to such activities as they age. That creates an uneven situation to begin with.

    I knew of a Christian place where they did refuse entry to a guy who had been a longtime member/visitor after he was no longer in a relationship. That place was quite strict, and I’m not sure they had any problems with behavior with single men in the past, or if it was just a religious thing.

    I do think most men would also be less likely to go to a resort or events with a group if the crowd was male dominant.

    But, something I’ve found has been that at some places if a guy has become known and trusted, then the quota may not apply to him any longer. So, there are reasoned approaches taken, too.

    When I joined Ottawa Naturists, last year, I asked if they did have limits on males-to-females and was told they haven’t needed to do that, at least in quite a while. They hoped they wouldn’t have to in the future, but that depends on who shows up, too.

    The naturist group in Quebec has needed to impose a quota at some of their events in Montreal when it became too lopsided with men attending. This wasn’t so much due to bad behavior, rather because it was making it even less likely that more women would start attending if an event was so male-dominated.

    I do take issue with the effectiveness of background checks in these situations. Most of the time when some guy has behaved inappropriately, he is ejected, but rarely are the police involved, (I think the resort or group would rather avoid the bad publicity, unless this involved a serious criminal act.) So, the background check won’t show anything on a guy who may have been thrown out of places in the past. Hopefully, the guy’s name has been spread around to others, but that probably doesn’t extend beyond the nearby region.

    I also don’t think much of memberships in groups like AANR, which seem to only involve paying a membership fee, but don’t really speak to a person’s character. A person may be black-listed if they are inappropriate, but that’s only afterwards. Doesn’t do much to prevent a problem from happening in the first place.

    A lot of the same issues arise in the figure modeling world. There are different attitudes about male models than female models. There just have been far more cases of guys behaving inappropriately, (usually who aren’t real models and were hired without checking references.) This creates difficulty for genuine male models, for sure. I’ve worked with groups where it had been several months, or even over a year since they’d hired a male, due to a bad experience with some guy with the wrong idea about modeling.

    This contributes to less work being available for male models compared with female models, although certainly not the only reason for this.

    However, I also find that it is the genuine male models who are most skeptical about new male models, or guys wanting to get into the business. We don’t trust other guys easily.

    There, very unfortunately, is something about nude activities that just inspires some guys to behave like perverts and jackasses. And, it makes life difficult for the rest of us.


    1. AANR does more than collect fees. They have scholarships for our youths. Hold camps for young people. Help fight bad legislation. Support the AANR education foundation among others. There is a Mentoring program of which I’ve been a part. as well as marketing. There are those of us who scan the bills that are going through legislation to make sure there will not be any inadvertent restrictions on nudism. As my retreat is in its 30th year, I have received a grant to upgrade my property. As I am now a single person, it seems I am converting some of the men I’m dating, one at a time. Why can’t the single men do the same with women they are dating?


  7. Jillian, you ask for our experiences I’ll try to respond factually and personally and let others comment. I am married but my wife is no longer able to travel, so I do – alone, unattractive, male, >70, I took out a membership of FCN a long time ago, as a ‘non-club-member’ to support the organisation in a small way.
    Beaches in Spain – I have sought out C/O beaches, and had no reaction; certainly not negative. Benalnatura is an urban beach run by a non-profit society. The only discrimination there is against those who refuse to be nude (hat and sandals excepted/accepted). El Portus campsite – I reserved in advance for one night and on arrival I/D was checked and the FCN card was a passport to entry.
    Croatia – a week at a commercial resort on the Adriatic. Welcomed; I was looking for a solitary restful time and I was not disappointed. Would definitely return or go to another similar place nearby.
    Paya Bay, Roatan – reserved, paid, arrived, welcomed, no problems. I was given room #1 so I became ‘#1 Mark’ for a week.
    California – researched various places. Found (on line and in conversation with a member) Glen Eden to be totally non-accepting of single males, so I didn’t even try to go even though it was nearest to ‘home’. De Anza Springs and Olive Dell checked I/D including FCN card, but no issues. Black’s Beach – no issues, and almost no-one there on a mid-week afternoon in early August.
    Arizona – years ago – El Dorado Hot Springs didn’t check anything, just money, and Shangri-La checked I/D and FCN card – no problems. It was noticeable at Shangri-La (my first time anywhere) I was almost invisible – only one person while passing my ‘spot’ said ‘hi’. In the hot tub later, the only other person who spoke with me was also a visitor from the cold north.
    Overall – I will return to Croatia, Spain, Roatan or elsewhere in Europe before venturing to the USA again, though I would like to ‘test’ Cypress Cove.


  8. Calgary Mark, My nudist retreat welcomes everyone as long as they behave. First timers get the tour and the list of what can and cannot do such as bring glass on the property. We have a few, married singles, Those men whose wives won’t visit with them, but at our clothed events out to a restaurant, they’ll be there. A couple of the wives cook something for a potluck supper. Cypress Cove is the Cadillac of nudist resorts of the east coast of the US. When you call and make reservations, speak with Tikki Parks, office mgr. You are welcome to drop my name and say you’re affiliated w/Travelites
    in SC


  9. I think Naturist places which discriminate are being short sighted as well as breaking the law. Single men will likely bring their girlfriends, and when they marry they’ll bring their wives and children, thus increasing the overall membership.

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  10. In 2015 I ventured out as a single male to several naturist campgrounds and a nude beach in the midwest. Of the four places that I went to there was only one that had the feeling that single males were not welcome and that exceptions were being made that weekend because it was AANR skinny dip event.
    Where I feel there is short sightedness in this community is that eventually single males would like to become a couple. Later that year I met my now fiancee. Because i enjoyed naturism I openly spoke to her about it and she was very intrigued. She was at least open to trying it or checking it out. It took us a while to get around to it but last month she accompanied me to my favorite resort and is now as she says “all in”. She is looking forward to our next visit Memorial Day weekend and we plan several more trips this summer.
    She heard from other members there what a wonderful thing this has been for a family and saw a grandfather, grandmother, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter all enjoying naturism together. We are taking my children there for our next visit and her children later this summer.
    So, one single male who was welcomed was able to expand the horizons of a single female and potentially several others who would have never ventured into naturism otherwise.
    Now, I don’t believe that all single males have the right intentions when venturing into naturism. Anyone certainly has the potential to misbehave. But how many single males have been discouraged from nudism who could have expanded it like this? Certainly we will never know. I’m sure like EarlD (we’ve met) said I was watched very carefully during my stay. Knowing this I feel safer bringing our children because anyone who misbehaves will be dealt with and they will feel safe to return. Let’s not rule out one area of the demographics because of a few bad apples.

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  11. Not come across quotas or restrictions on single males on public naturist beaches or a open to the public naturist events eg swims, garden visits etc.
    But in my area it is impossible to join a club as a single male. Yes they will put your name on a waiting list, but that list never ever moves if you are a single male even if club is otherwise struggling for members. Some admit it is a quota system to maintain balance, others won’t admit it. Some clubs even point blanks state no single makes.
    As a married naturist with a textile wife it means I can’t join any club. It is like something out of the Ark in terms of attitude.
    Don’t know how they would treat a gay male married couple who wanted to join.


    1. TurnBack Time, Where are you located? are you a member of AANR and/or TNS. If you’re in the US, I might be of help.


  12. There are two nudist organizations in Venezuela: Nudistas Venezolanos ( and Soy Nudista ( When I applied for joining to the first one they told me : “we don’t accept single man. You must come with a women as a couple (may be your sister, daughter or just a friend)”. You can verify about The admissions at The website and social media. Neverthless, soy nudista appears to “admit single men”, but their members don’t think thr same… And their behavior is absolutely discriminating against single men, specially against divorced, bisex por gay men. That’s The reason why Nudistas Hombres de Venezuela was born; a group where there are only men: bisex, divorced and gay men couples.


  13. Colorado has the second oldest nudist club in the US, Mountain Air Ranch. While they admit single men, one has to commit to three visits at first, and the admission is not inexpensive. My first socially nude experience was at the late, lamented Rocky Mountain Naturists, who had no problem with single men. Attendance there was male-heavy, but the women who went there were entirely comfortable with the environment. And the clothing-optional hot springs around Colorado mostly don’t have quotas and welcome all (until you misbehave).


  14. I’ve never joined or attempted to join a naturist group because as a single male myself, I always feared this ruling existed. When at work, I often mixed socially with other men and I found that married men talked more about sex than single men did. Single men get accustomed to living without sex, married men could never comprehend such an anomaly.


  15. Reading some of these latest comments reminded me of a policy I read about in an article, three or four years ago. It was written by a female journalist who visited a naturist resort alone, in the States, a few years ago.

    Don’t remember just where this was, but later when she mentioned she was in a relationship, she was told they normally don’t allow someone who isn’t single if their spouse/partner isn’t with them.

    Apparently, resorts have been drawn into difficult situations where someone hasn’t told their significant other about his or her naturist activities, and it becomes partial grounds in a divorce, which the resort is named in.

    How’s that for complicating matters?

    It seems it can be a difficult area to navigate for proprietors of resorts.


    1. I’m planning a post soon on couples who do not share a love of naturism. But this post is still generating a lot of discussion, so I’ll wait for a while . . .


    2. I am in that situation, married naturist with textile wife. However she has always known about my naturism. She is happy with me being naked around the house/garden, joins me on clothing optional beaches or events, happy for me to go to naturist swims. She would also be happy to vouch for me at a naturist club. If there were genuine clothing optional clubs that weren’t a thin cover for swinging she would join me there too.
      But that isn’t enough in the UK, married couple or no go for most clubs. If lucky , as a “single” male you will get put in a non moving waiting list, but just as likely to be ignored or get a rep,y as I did once that accused me of not being a genuine naturist if I couldn’t get my wife to join me. Therefore my motivations were suspect.


  16. Hello, I was once a participating naturist in Britain some 50 years ago and back then there was the up coming trend of excluding prospective male persons being a welcome participant due to the ever increasing ratio of males..I even took a few girl friends along who just didn’t want to know and so gradually my enthusiasm waned. My wife has had no desire to be a part of naturism even though I encouraged her to visit two clubs. To me it’s a loosing battle to even persuade a female to join unless they are interested in going free at home themselves first. My wife looks at naturism as a sexual idea and although I may from time to time be nude at home she never ever does and that is even in bed.
    Those females who are naturists truly can understand the overall blessing it gives them and I found a new life through naturism in my teens upon visiting Sweden only to have all my family ridicule me. Today I live in tropical Queensland which is a State in Australia but by law naturism is illegal.


    1. You mention that “by law, naturism is illegal” in Queensland. But I have found some recent articles about places where naturists go there, so do you mean it is illegal on the books, but is tolerated, anyway?


      1. I believe it’s mostly around tourist areas where you’ll find nudity tolerated, there. When I visited Queensland, 17 years ago, I saw women going topless on beaches next to vacation resorts. But, it wasn’t legal at just any beach.

        I think it’s like that in other tourist areas, like Florida. Although I’ve not been to Florida, yet, my understanding from other Naturists is that public nudity isn’t allowed, but the state still hosts some of the largest nude resorts in the U.S., but those are on private property. There is also Haulover Beach, which is frequented by lots of Naturists.

        I’m curious if Queensland outright prohibits naturist resorts?


      2. It’s pretty much completely illegal in public in Queensland, but there are certain areas where blind eyes are generally turned, particularly, as Scott says, near popular tourist destinations like Noosa (an hour or two north of Brisbane, the state capital). At least one beach in that area has long been known to be a popular CO spot, is ‘generally’ left alone (it’s not an entirely easy hike to reach it) and until recently a local club held yearly Nude Olympics games there, with the assistance of a nearby surf life-saving club. Sadly, because it’s still technically not legal, that beach has lately become somewhat infested with creepers thinking it’s all about sex (some of whom openly masturbate while watching nude bathers on an otherwise family friendly stretch of coast. Another beach slightly further north is apparently popular with local police for making easy arrests.

        Generally speaking, if where you’re swimming/sunbathing isn’t terribly busy, no-one’s really going to care if you’re topless or nude or whatever, so long as you’re not actually doing anything too overtly sexual. Certain parts of the Gold Coast (an hour south of Bris) and lots of beaches on various islands in Moreton Bay (which shelters the Brisbane River mouth from the Pacific Ocean) not to mention elsewhere up and down the state coastline there are lots of places you can get your kit off without bothering anybody, and for the most part skinnydipping’s considered a fairly harmless if slightly cheeky and skin cancer risking activity.

        Several clubs and perhaps a scattered handful of naturist resorts do exist throughout the state, and quite legally, as the vast majority of their activities – particularly the resorts – take place on “appropriately” screened private property. Just like you describe Florida, Scott.

        But it’s definitely not legal, here. The key word is indeed “tolerated”, and that can change in the blink of an eye (or at the drop of a towel).


  17. As a married naturist with a textile wife in Johannesburg, South Africa, I have found this discrimination becoming a huge factor here. We have two associations locally, of which one is split into regional groups. In the area we also have four naturist resorts. Three of them are affiliated to the one association, and the fourth has no affiliation at all (In fact it is shunned by the larger association and not acknowledged as a resort.). Two of the three has an absolute no singles policy while the third will allow singles after completing a meet- and- greet, and a background check. Then the person also has to become a paid up member of the regional group.
    The fourth resort had recently undergone some bad management issues but is still operational. No problems with admittance and all is welcome.You do not have to be a member of any of the associations.
    As a result, I do not support the one group since I do not feel welcome there, and can not attend any of the three resorts. Why pay membership fees and not have benefits? The fourth one is the only option and of course it is supported by virtually all single men. That alone creates an imbalance as it is their only option.
    What bugs me is that the same rule does not apply to single women!! That shows me exactly what the resort owners’ agenda is
    My opinion is that a new member, single or not, should be put through a verification process, such as being “sponsored” by an existing member, doing the meet&greet, background checks (over here the community is not so big so a single database should be possible), and if married, meet the wife to ensure that she is aware. These are just some ideas and I am sure more or better ones can be developed, but for now, this situation excludes a lot of people from enjoying the lifestyle.


  18. I am a male naturist living in Alberta, Canada with a textile wife. My wife is supportive of my passion for the naturist lifestyle, although she does not wish to go to nudist resorts or nude beaches. We have gone to Haulover beach together while on vacation (she wore a swimsuit) and I have been nude while we were hiking together. I am almost always nude at home and my wife is often topless.

    The resorts in Alberta have gender quotas and typically will not accept “solo male” members. I lived in Edmonton, Alberta for many years and I was unable to become a member because my wife would not join as well. I have no issues with background checks and my wife was even willing to go to the resort to prove to them that I had her permission to attend. I have recently moved to Calgary, Alberta and I am unable to become a member in the local club because of their single male quota even though I know members there that are willing to vouch for my character.

    It is frustrating to be discriminated against because of my gender. I was an FCN member for many years and I am now an AANR member. Unfortunately, these organisations are unwilling to address this issue. Their lack of support is making me question why I should renew my membership.


  19. I have looked into a few clothing optional venues only to find they discriminate against single males. It reminds me of venues that discriminated against blacks in the 50s and prior. It seems we never can stop discriminating, we just keep changing who it’s politically correct to discriminate against and what excuses we come up with to justify it.


    1. Which clubs have you attempted entrance? I am aware of a number of clubs that might depending on special events, but Serendipity in GA and Travelites Retreat in SC are very single friendly. Do you have your membership through a club (proves you’ve been vetted) or direct, that anyone can get.


    2. Taylor, Would you like to go to a smoker (all men) or a hen party (all women) That is something my late husband pointed out. 2 days ago, about dinner time, we had a fellow who I personally have known about 10 years. There were 2 women there, one nudist, one textile. I went into the hot tub and pool with him. I have also been at places where at the beginning of the day, I was the only female nudist, but later on, it was more equal. Perhaps it’s because I have been a nudist for about 50 years of my almost 70 .


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