Hey, Joe, where you going with that power tool in your hand?

It has become a pastime for Maggie and me on the weekends in the spring and summer: Identify which power tools are being used by weekend cottagers around the lake.

The power tool symphony usually starts around 9 a.m., though sometimes as early as 8, and goes on well into the afternoon. There are all manner of tools being used — from chain saws and sanders and drills to various saws and law mowers and leaf blowers etc. And there’s always some good old hammering, which echoes well beyond the lake. Oh, and let’s not forget the young man who tears around the lake on his motorcycle throughout the spring, summer and fall — morning, noon and night, and not only on weekends.

And Maggie was worried about me playing drums here. lol.

I get it, of course. Weekenders only have a couple of days to play with their power tools. They probably get enough peace and quiet Monday to Friday in the city. Going to the country gives them a chance to let loose and make a whole lotta noise with their toys.

I know it seems contradictory: there is a mistaken belief that city slickers go to the country for peace and quiet — and, no doubt, some do. Pity them, eh? But if the trend around Lac Pilon north of Montreal is any indication, the country has become power tool heaven for many city folks. They probably couldn’t make as much noise in the city even if they wanted to.

I’m not complaining: remember, I’m the one gearing up to bring a whole lotta loud rock ‘n’ roll to the area. In a way, I’m grateful to the power tool crowd. They have inspired me to pick up the drums again and recruit some bandmates for weekend jam sessions. It’s OK to make a lot of noise in these parts. The more the merrier, it seems.

Hey, Joe, who needs peace and quiet, anyway?

— Jillian