I am amazed at the popularity of the “men in pantyhose” posts I’ve done for the Gazette, and for the one reprint I did of one of those posts here — it is drawing several hits per day. The list of search referral terms here always has “men pantyhose” or something similar. So, in an effort to give my readers why they want, I simply cannot ignore the subject here.

This is obviously something that interests many men. I want to reiterate that it isn’t a fetish for many if not most of the guys who wear pantyhose and they don’t identify as transgender people or crossdressers — they are simply guys who like the clothes item in the same way many women do.

In my Gazette blog, I tracked back many of the links that were coming from men interested in the subject, and some of them led to forums where guys discuss the issues. And there are some issues: they do face discrimination and most probably can’t be open about it in the workplace and other social settings. But some are open about it: I’ve had a couple of guest writers in my Gazette blog who do wear it openly — one even sent pictures of himself in hose and skirts to run with his article.

As that writer pointed out, it used to be socially acceptable for men to wear hose. And I suspect we are moving toward a time when it will be acceptable again, and the pantyhose manufacturers will see their profits surge as they develop special lines for guys. Indeed, I am told that there are already products like “Mantyhose,” but I doubt the bigger retailers are carrying them — yet.

But will we be seeing “mantyhose” with sports-themed images of, say, F1 cars or football or hockey players, or will men who wear pantyhose prefer the same ones women wear? Inquiring minds want to know.

Guys, what say you?