UPDATE, Jan. 1, 2021: I’m taking a closer look at this subject in my newsletter, The Naturism Community.

A reader here mentioned recently that he was turned away from a naturist organization — after being vetted and approved as a potential member — in his area because he couldn’t find a female to join with him.

It isn’t that he has to be in a relationship with her; it’s just that the group is trying to maintain a certain ratio of male and female members — I don’t know the target ratio for the group he mentioned. So, he is out of luck: he doesn’t get to participate in social nudism settings with club members unless he can bring in a new female member.

Many social nudism/naturism organizations strive for a 50-50 ratio of male and female members, but rarely achieve that. Usually, there are more men than women.

I have heard of other naturism groups — and nudist camp grounds — supposedly “open to all” that turn away men if they feel they don’t have enough female members, and I feel that is unfair and contradicts what nudism/naturism is about. (To be clear, I’m not talking about couples groups that bar singles or family organizations that only accept parents and kids or gay groups.)

I see it as sexism, against males — yes, men can be victims of sexism, too. And sexism is something that is not supposed to be part of nudism/naturism ideology. Social nudism events are supposed to be asexual; no blatant sexuality is permitted. They are not swingers events.

According to Wikipedia’s entry on Naturism, under the sub-heading Naturism and equality, social nudism is about acceptance regardless of age, body shape, fitness, health, wealth, position, nationality, race and sex.

So, what gives? Why the apparent disregard of the nudism/naturism code by some social nudism groups? Why on earth would a person’s sex matter to those organizations?

One more thought: if you respond, “because women won’t join if they see too many men there,” I would reply that “you are not giving us enough credit. Those of us who live the naturism code don’t care about the male-female ratio. We wouldn’t want anyone to be turned away because of someone’s ratio hangups. All should be welcome — once vetted (for clubs), of course.”

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