I’d like to take a closer look at this issue. As one reader, Genevieve, points out in a response to my post about naturism photography, there seem to be some photos appearing on sites with less-than-pure naturism focus. The pictures I’m seeing on some sites seem to be only of beautiful women and hunky men — almost as if they are posing for magazines.  They’re not really all that “natural” at all, natural being people doing everyday activities at campgrounds or whatever. There are few if any pictures of everyday people, i.e. flabby moms and dads.

So, it brings up a question I had asked much earlier about the line between exhibitionism and naturism, at least in photography. Are the “beautiful” people allowing themselves to be photographed doing it knowing their images will appear on sites all over the Internet, social media being what it is — i.e. largely unregulated? Is it exhibitionism? It also raises another question: what are the true motivations of people who are running these sites and posting those particular pictures and not pictures of flabby moms and dads?

I’m not judging. And I don’t have a problem with sites having photos of “beautiful” people. (I’m no prude, and have been known to be a bit of an exhibitionist myself.) But does this somewhat narrow focus of photography truly represent what naturism is all about?

For discussion, with kindness and respect.