“And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden . . .”

Clothes played an important part in the evolution of man, no matter how you look at it. Without clothes, man could not have gone forth from the warm cradle of civilization, or the Garden of Eden, and populated the four corners of the Earth. Most of the Earth is just too inhospitable for 24/7 nudism lifestyles.

Today, religious organizations yearn for a return to the proverbial garden, for a paradise on Earth, for peace and love, which is admirable. People “go to church” and to other religious assemblies to recapture some of that loving spirit, to be reminded that it is inside everyone.

Naturists pretty much yearn for the same thing: a return to the proverbial garden where they can be in their natural state, where everybody is equal. I’m betting that nudism/naturism is almost a spiritual experience for some.

But while there are churches everywhere for people to get their spiritual fix, there aren’t a lot of public places where naturists can congregate and bask in their God-given/natural-born state. Indeed, of all the groups of people I write about who face discrimination, surely nudists face the most. They are relegated to tiny spots in far too few locations, and if they bare it all in public places elsewhere, they can be hauled off and punished.

It seems ironic that one can be persecuted for being in their natural state, doesn’t it? It’s got nothing to do with God or the evolution of the species, because if it did, we’d be born with clothes on.