Nudism/Naturism: A one-on-one experience

So there we were, the two of us, naked and alone on my sofa. I can’t remember ever being alone like that with man who was not my partner or a sexually-motivated suitor. But there was no flirting. He was the perfect gentleman, and I behaved myself, while we sipped wine and talked about his great passion: naturism/nudism.

He did ask if my partner — who wouldn’t be coming over till the next day — might be uncomfortable with the fact that he and I would be nude together. I explained that my partner trusts me and was perfectly aware that he and I would be together.

And the evening unfolded like it would have had we been fully clothed: two friends chatting.

Such is the way of nudism: it’s not about sex, even when you put a sexy woman (modest me) and a handsome hunk (him) in a situation that at first glance appears to have all the ingredients of a steamy sexual encounter.

It’s not to say that my guest and I were oblivious to each other’s bodies. In different circumstances, who knows if we would have been sexually motivated as well. But the parameters of our friendship had been set in advance. As it is for most naturists in public situations.

Sweet . . .


18 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: A one-on-one experience

  1. You are so right about naturists/nudists. I met my husband because we were both nudists, and we’ve been together almost 20 years. As founder & director of Travelites, I have been told about a number of situations such as yours. It’s heartwarming to say the least. When two people share nudism as friends, IMHO, it increases the friendship ties the same way two auto enthusiasts would be.


  2. Jillian, that’s a good example of what many nudist friends experience regularly with each other. However I took that this was a first time meeting and just being one on one can and does require some restraint at times. Even in the nudist setting there obviously is at times a sexual tension to attractive bodies. I have also had the situation where I have been nude in my home with fully clothed non-nudist and it was a totally non sexual situation.


  3. Reblogged this on simplenaturist and commented:
    I keep saying it and I will beat this horse till it is dead. Nudity is not sexual unless you make it that way within your mind and if you are unable to make the seperation then please for the sake of everyone, please go seek immediate mental help. Thanks


      1. doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo (to the tune of twilight zone)!…. WOW… how synchronistic! …. was in the foto shoots on maui in 2009; you can see me there!!…. just found “the amazing muse”/ ;o}….


      1. ALOHA CHERI:….. i can understand, perhaps, what he meant…. here on maui, many of the people in the fotos were “regulars” at the nude beach/little beach. of course, there IS something liberating for those with “hang-ups” who have never been naked in a public/group setting. similar to those women in england who did the video/promotion for autism…. love and aloha from the north shore of maui…. ;o}


      2. nikhilananda
        The interview was at Haulover Beach in North Miami. He had some nudists, but most he used non-nudists. I didn’t say he doesn’t use nudists, I did say he prefers to not use them.


      3. My friend and I watched a video of Spencer at work, filmed in Cleveland, I think. My friend noted that many of the nude people in the video/photo were not nudists, that they seemed to be first-timers.


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