Oka Beach

I can’t believe that I’ve lived in Quebec for, umm, a number of decades and hadn’t gone to Oka Beach until yesterday. I’m wondering how many Montreal-area residents have overlooked this beautiful beach with its long shoreline of white sand and shallow water.

Yesterday’s outing also marked my outdoor public nudism debut — and Oka Beach is an ideal spot. I can see why they call it Okapulco.  One could almost think they are in Acapulco or on some beach in the Riviera.

I was at the beach with my dear friend Ted, the president of the Ontario Naturists Organization.  We had parked in the lot closest to the unofficial clothing optional part of the beach and strolled along the shoreline until we saw the first nude sunbathers, found ourselves a spot of shade beneath a tree, peeled off our clothes and strolled out to the water.

Aaaaaah . . . What a nice feeling to be textile-free on a beautiful beach on a sunny — and breezy — summer day . . .

There were about 50 other naturists there, ranging from young people to families and adults. Some had brought beach umbrellas, while others had small beach shade tents. Ted estimated the ratio to be 60 percent males and 40 percent females. Most were with someone, i.e. couples or groups, but there were some single people, too.

And, really, whether they were in bathing suits or textile-free, the experience was the same for everyone: a day at the beach. Ted and I ate our picnic lunch and lounged on our beach towels, watching people stroll along the beach and the boats sailing by. We strolled along the shoreline in ankle-deep water . . .

I have nothing negative to report, though I was a little taken aback by the admission cost: $11 for parking, and $6.50 per adult. Considering that taxpayers are already funding Oka Park, I think the admission prices are a little excessive.

We had a lovely afternoon, and when it was time to go, I was kinda sad to have to get dressed again. But I have promised myself to return to Oka Beach — often.

Montreal-area naturists are fortunate to have such a beautiful place to go.