Tell the average person that nudists/naturists face more discrimination than anyone else in the world, and they will probably smile at you before they say anything in response. It’s not that they are trying to be offensive, they just think social nudism outside of the sauna or shower room is a joke.

These thoughts came to mind this morning while I was reading an article on a site called The Hinckley Times. The headline: A Lighter Look at Life: Stripped bare . . . the naked truth about naturism.

No, I am not reviewing the article here. But it is definitely lighter fare, though I suspect some naturists might consider it to be Bic lighter material. (But I digress.)

I write a lot about the persecution of LGBT people in my blogs. Indeed, a lot of people have taken up the cause of LGBT rights. Awareness is being raised, equality is being won.

But while LGBT people are smashing gender and sexual orientation stereotypes and gaining acceptance in society, nudists/naturists are still corralled into segregated areas — and not that many areas, either. The fact that we are all naturally naked — because there is nothing natural about draping your temple in textiles — is irrelevant. Walk naked down Main Street and you’ll be quickly arrested, covered in a blanket, and hauled off to the klink.

Does that image make you smile?

Well, nudists/naturists don’t think it is funny. They feel their natural-born rights are being violated. They’re not against you being clothed; they just want to be able to have more opportunity and places to present au naturel. And believe me, once you’ve spent an afternoon naked at the beach, you’ll never want to wear a bathing suit again. It is such a liberating feeling to be au naturel, the way we were designed by the Great Cosmic Animator. Face it: you are naked. You are a natural-born nudist. You can’t deny it. You can cover up your naked body all you want, but you are still naked.

Maybe you’re not grinning now. Maybe you understand a little bit better. And maybe you still think that general acceptance of social nudism is a lost cause.

Well, it does look like a lost cause, doesn’t it? Objectively speaking, I mean.

But so did the quest for LGBT equality at one point. Indeed, LGBT equality still looks like a lost cause in such countries as Uganda. But we all know it is not a lost cause, despite temporary setbacks.

Thing is, LGBT people are a minority on this planet. Nudists aren’t. There are 8 billion naked people on this planet forced to cover up in textiles. Eight billion people whose natural-born rights are being violated — even if they’ve forgotten that they were born free of the shackles of textiles.

Indeed, YOUR rights to be in your natural state are being violated.

Food for thought . . .

Keep it in mind if you come across naturists in their natural-born state enjoying the great outdoors this summer.

— Jillian