Aaack! I’m naked!

Actually, this is not about clothes, or the lack thereof. As my readers know, nudity is not an issue for me.

But forgetting to put on earrings is an issue. OK, it’s not that huge, but I did feel naked at the office today. I’m sure everybody noticed (NOT!).

It’s not the first time I’ve been in a hurry to leave and forgotten about earrings. And other women have told me they feel the same way when they forget them, too: naked.

Of course, it’s not like we forget to get dressed for work. That has never happened to me . . . and if it ever did, it would be time to retire, I think.

Just sayin’ . . .

— Jillian


5 thoughts on “Aaack! I’m naked!

  1. Sadly enough forgetting to get dressed has happened to me. Skirts and pantyhose are dress code where I work but panties are optional LOL so I never wear them. Well making my lunch for work I noticed a long run in my hosiery so I removed them and tossed them in the trash. Running late that day I left the house forgetting to put on another pair of pantyhose so I arrive at work nude under my short skirt. I mentioned to my boss that I needed to run down town because I ruined my last pair of pantyhose and needed to buy a new pair. She said I was fine for today as we were going to be doing inventory the whole day. Leaving my house totally nude under my skirt is for sure a excellent reason for retirement.


  2. Absolutely understand. You need a small glass fronted box on the wall next to your desk containing an emergency pair of earrings…


  3. I know exactly how you feel, because I have two items which I wear 24/7/365, and without those two items, I feel uncomfortably-naked and vulnerable. I wear a small stainless-steel cross necklace, which has the Serenity Prayer engraved on one side of it, which is the symbol of my deep, abiding faith in God, and the other is my Medic-Alert necklace. If I were to have a serious medical-emergency, and not be able to give the medical staff some necessary information, there could be some serious consequences. I need to get a second Medic-Alert necklace for some additional information which won’t fit on the one I have The only time they are actually visible is when I am nude. Otherwise they are against my skin, under my shirt.

    A little over a year ago, I had a minor surgery, and our Assistant Pastor volunteered to be my driver and “family” for the day. Since no “jewelry” was allowed in pre-op, surgery or post-op, I had to take my necklaces off, so I gave them to him for safe-keeping. I wasn’t “with-it” enough when he took me back home to ask him for them, so he went on home with my “lifelines” in his pocket. Even though I was only without them for three or four days, I was antsy until I got them back and they were where they belonged, on me.

    Call me “crazy” if you want, but I live alone, so better safe than sorry. Naked without them? ABSOLUTELY! Vulnerable? DEFINITELY!


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