There is an expression: “As above, so below.”

To understand the universe, look no further than the seed of a plant here on the little blue planet third from the sun, which from afar doesn’t look like much more than a seed . . .

True, this may be oversimplifying things, but I see the Big Bang origins of our universe as a seed bursting into life on the material plane. As for where the seed came from, well, it must have come from another plant, yes?

So, what about God?

Well, I do believe there is an animating energy in the universe. But there is no divine entity looking in on us. The seed was planted somehow, sprang into life, and it has been left to evolve of its own accord.

Still, when I pray every day, I am connecting with the energy that pervades the universe, an energy that we can manipulate to varying degrees, especially if we do it with pure intent . . .

Now, I’m getting too metaphysical . . . on this anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species . . .

I have to evolve myself into the office, anyhow.


— Jillian