Speaking of self-acceptance (see preceding post):

One of the great benefits of social nudism is the body acceptance that comes with it: if you have any body issues, they disappear while you are participating in events with other naturists — if not longer.

It’s one of the reasons why I like to attend such events, and perhaps my slight regression yesterday (see preceding post) is because I haven’t attended a social nudism event since November (weather and illness have kept me away from my group’s events).

Yes, I have body image issues. I worry about stomach muscles that seem eager to relax — and I am determined to make them stay firm, for example.

Yes, with all that social nudism has taught me, I still worry about my body image — and about what the aging process will do to my body in time. Though, I do remind myself sometimes that I am lucky to have a healthy body . . .

Still, I accept that like so many other women, I will no doubt wrestle with body image issues for the rest of my days. And that’s one of the reasons I pose nude for artists in body acceptance workshops when asked: they empower me. They help me put my body issues aside during the sessions, because I know the artists accept me as I am. And they are grateful for my presence, and applaud my poses.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

But here’s the rub: even though I know the artists want people of all shapes and sizes and ages to pose for them and they don’t give a hoot about my particular shape and size (or age), I will tone my body as much as possible through exercise and such before a session. I’ll try to look my best, because I just haven’t beaten the body image issue yet.

And so for the next month and a half, I will be working my proverbial butt off to get ready for a nude modeling session in April. I know other nude models who do absolutely nothing to prepare in advance. But not me: I’ll do regular exercise workouts, and will practice various poses.

So it is.

— Jillian