Nudism/Naturism: Of communes, colonies and other living arrangements

Great minds think similarly, if not exactly alike, sometimes.

Today I woke up in a hippie kind of mood, starting off my day viewing and listening on YouTube to Country Joe and the Fish doing the “fixing do die” thing at Woodstock . . . “Gimme an F . . .”

On to Arlo Guthrie singing Coming into Los Angeles at Woodstock . . .

Then Joni Mitchell doing a very communal version of her song, Woodstock . . .

Which got me wondering: whatever happened to all the old hippie communes, and are there any still out there.

So, I googled the question: are there any hippie communes left?

Yes, there are . . .

At the same time I was doing all this, our dear reader and friend Brad was thinking about “clothing-optional apartment complexes and condominiums.”

He posed the following question in the recent nudist colonies post I did here:

I sometimes wonder if Canada has any clothing optional apartment complexes or condominiums. Which still wouldn’t be a “colony” per se, but I like the idea of a place where I can socialize with others nude all year round, and only have to worry about covering up when I need to go outside. They’d probably be beyond my price range if they DID exist anyway. — Brad

So, that got me to thinking, why not a Combination of the Two (an old song by Janis): a hippie commune that embraces naturism?

Or, whatever . . .

So, what about alternative fulltime living arrangements for naturists? I’m guessing there are retirement naturism communities, for those who can afford them. But what else is available to both the younger-than-retired naturists/nudists and to the retired folks on limited incomes in terms of permanent co-operative clothing-optional living arrangements?

Incidentally, I did come across a hippie-like commune in B.C. and sent a message to the owner asking him if naturists/nudists were welcome there. I’ll get back to you on it if there is anything to report. It looks pretty groovy, though . . .

Peace and love

— Jillian

11 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Of communes, colonies and other living arrangements

  1. Hey Jillian! I love the idea of a naturist commune. There are people who live at my home resort 365, which I am considering doing. Of course the difference is that there is a great difference in outlooks on life among those who live there, aside from naturism. I have always thought that members of communes had shared values such as living in harmony with the land, perhaps embracing veganism or vegetarianism for example, neither of which is incompatible with the tenets of naturism by the way. I am a follower and enjoy your posts and life observations very much. And for the record, I am of that Woodstock generation, it’s gratifying that the music we loved then is appreciated by those of younger generations.

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    1. Thanks, Robb. You’re right about the differences in outlooks. I’m not sure I could line in a commune full time at this point in my life.

      But I think I could have a couple of roommates in a house, sharing expenses etc.

      Much to think about. Thank you for your kind words.



  2. Thank you for taking my suggesting and turning it into a blog entry. As I said in the post that you quoted, my low income would be an issue. At present I work only twenty-five hours a week at only slightly above minimum wage, and so I can’t afford to live alone. Fortunately I lucked out in that I have a friend who owns a condominium and she lets me live there for a very moderate share of the condo fees. Even better, while she is not a naturist herself, so has no issues with being unclothed around the condo, or with me doing likewise. I’m fortunate in this respect, but I’d like to be able to walk down the hall and visit like-minded neighbors with the same lifestyle, but I fear that even if such a complex were opened in my city (Halifax, Nova Scotia) it would be out of my price range.
    That being said, I do like the idea of a commune, if it were affordable. I will reach retirement age in about fifteen years. Maybe there’ll be an affordable place I could retire to by then. But I fear that’s wishful thinking.


    1. As I just mentioned to Robb in a response to his comment, the roommate idea might be the way to go.

      By the way, I did hear back from the commune in B.C., and the owner said naturists are welcome. I’m asking for more details.


  3. I’m fortunate to be able to live in a nudist resort permanently! The only time I put on clothes is if I’m running my once-a-week errands in the textile world, or the winter weather requires some protection.


      1. Compared to living in the textile world, I’d say absolutely not. I live in a 1650 sf manufactured home which I own. I pay rent of $600 US a month. That was what I used to pay just for HOA fees in my previous life…and most everything is included including all the great amenities and the privilege of being able to walk around in nature. So this is the least expensive I’ve lived in the last few decades. It’s a great retirement location for us…and I live clothes-free!


  4. “…Today I woke up … to Country Joe and the Fish doing the “fixing do die” thing at Woodstock . . ”

    ALOHA JILLIAN:….. i believe the lyrics are: … “… fixing To die…. ” ….. aloha from the north shore of maui…..


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