Nudism/Naturism: Naked TV reality shows

Nudity without the nudity . . .

That seems to be the formula for some — if not all — the naked reality TV shows that are popping up these days.

I haven’t actually watched any of these shows, but I did see a report on Montreal’s CTV News on Sunday night about the new Dating Naked series. Yes, contestants are naked, and the idea seems to be about stripping away preconceived notions of nudity and socializing in one’s natural state.

But what exactly are such programs teaching viewers about nudism/naturism by blurring out breasts (not men’s, of course), vulvas, penises and bums?

Are viewers learning anything about true social nudism/naturism?

As mentioned, I haven’t seen any of the shows, so I can’t comment fairly. But I would like to hear from my many true nudism/naturism readers who have seen Dating Naked and some of the other shows — Buying Naked, Naked and Afraid et al.

Are any of these programs raising serious awareness about naturism? Or do you feel they are using nudism as a titillating gimmick?


— Jillian

11 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Naked TV reality shows

  1. As nudist we find them uneventful. Pretty much a titillating voyeurism moment for the non nudist and will garner some ratings I’m sure. Also sure we will see more of this type of programing. If you are going to portray nudity show full nudity!

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  2. Hi Jillian.

    I have watched a couple….naked and affraid, and buying nude (I think that’s what it’s called…the real estate one).

    Frankly, I don’t think they do anything to promote naturism. I think u r right when u say they are doing it for the tittillating factor unfortunately 😦

    My friends know we are a nudist couple and enjoy it. They also know I view the body as a transport for the soul, and that is what is important!



  3. I have mixed feelings about these programs. On one hand they do show people in non-sexual nudity, since most people equate nude with sex. (Surprisingly more on the East Coast of the US than on the West Coast).

    On the other hand, their pixellation is irritating (though I can see the broadcaster’s need to cover their collective ass – after all a pre-teen may see a nipple or, gasp, a penis, and be scarred for life, so says the uptight mom’s lawsuit).

    The “Buying Naked” program is, in my opinion, a total titillation piece. My wife and I are considering where do we want to retire, and looked at the program to learn more about the homes in the Florida resorts. As a home show it is a total waste of time. All you see are scene after scene of strategically placed fruit or bushes, and nothing at all about the real-estate. (How often do you have two oranges in front of you?) No details about the home, no mention of the asking price, nothing about the surrounding community. If anything, the show makes us less likely to consider a nudist community to retire in.


  4. Naked & Afraid is the only one that is shown in my country. I too have mixed feelings about these shows. They are not intend to show the truth about naturism but at least they show nudity, even though it’s pixilate which kind of bothers me since it implies something forbidden / bad. With more exposure to these kind of programs I hope that nudity will become less taboo. It can be a start, perhaps in may evolve to eliminate the pixelating. They also bring a chance to discuss about nudity with textiles.


    1. Nude acceptance may take another generation or two in the USA. There’s just too many faux Christians running things, and the sight of a breast, let alone a penis is cause for a panic attack.

      I recently posted on a business forum a link to a video about Net Neutrality that I found through “The Daily Kos” blog. (
      The video showed various actors representing random businesses on the web, including a nude couple, VERY heavily pixellated.

      The first response to the post was: “How about a video that doesn’t try to force me to watch porn? I AM NOT INTERESTED IN OR AMUSED BY PORN!! Clean it up, and maybe I’ll see what you have to say.”

      I can’t add anything to that.

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    2. The few bits of “naked and afraid” I’ve seen leave me disgusted.
      They use the fact that the actors (and they are actors, no real “survival skills” are shown or practiced are naked for a few minutes at the start of the episode as a way to draw an audience of peeping toms.
      If you believe the “survival” priorities shown, clothing comes before food, even drinking water, which is of course utter nonsense, even more so in the (semi)tropical settings the show is filmed in.
      And thus the actors magically find everything they need to make clothing for themselves very quickly.


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