Nudity without the nudity . . .

That seems to be the formula for some — if not all — the naked reality TV shows that are popping up these days.

I haven’t actually watched any of these shows, but I did see a report on Montreal’s CTV News on Sunday night about the new Dating Naked series. Yes, contestants are naked, and the idea seems to be about stripping away preconceived notions of nudity and socializing in one’s natural state.

But what exactly are such programs teaching viewers about nudism/naturism by blurring out breasts (not men’s, of course), vulvas, penises and bums?

Are viewers learning anything about true social nudism/naturism?

As mentioned, I haven’t seen any of the shows, so I can’t comment fairly. But I would like to hear from my many true nudism/naturism readers who have seen Dating Naked and some of the other shows — Buying Naked, Naked and Afraid et al.

Are any of these programs raising serious awareness about naturism? Or do you feel they are using nudism as a titillating gimmick?


— Jillian