Tis the season for TV Yule Log Fireplace channels, with or without holiday music.

But there is a new one this year that reminds everybody the Amazon rainforest has reached the tipping point.

Remember the Amazon? The lungs of the Earth?

Now you can watch it burn, too.

Writes Isabella O’Malley of the Weather Network:

The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) has launched a holiday initiative that recreates the classic Yule Log Fireplace channel with real footage of the Amazon burning “to draw attention back to the fire that really matters this holiday season — the burning Amazon rainforest.” (Watch video below)

And then you can flip to a TV news channel and see clips of Australia burning. Tens of thousands — 40,000, at last count — of hectares up in smoke along with hundreds of homes. At least nine human deaths, as well as countless animals.

The temperature is rising, and climatologists in Australia are blaming climate change for it all.

Are Canadians catching a glimpse of what is to come this summer? Will it be all about fire?

Or flooding? Winds? Earthquakes?

What will hit your neighbourhood?

It’s irrelevant to the as-yet-affected. Life with all its distractions goes on for them.

Maybe more would be convinced if things got more biblical. Cue the trumpets and the declaration from the Heavenly Host.

But does it get any more biblical than Greta Thunberg leading the masses and chastising world leaders? Anyway you look at it, she is Mother Nature’s messenger.

Jesus would be very proud.

Their compassion and courage in the face of futility is both inspiring and heartbreaking, then and now, and relevant to the end.

— Jillian