It has been a while since I wrote about naturism, but previous posts on the subject here are still being widely read.

I just haven’t had much opportunity this autumn to practise the type I prefer: recreational naturism.

But that should change very soon, as I shift to a work schedule that will give me the time to attend swim events with my naturism group. I’m looking forward to swimming, lounging in the hot tub and chasing away winter chills in the sauna.

I am not one to sit around the house naked, unless it is a hot summer day.

And that is pretty much what separates me from some nudists I know, who are more often naked in their homes than not.

Wikipedia’s entry on naturism says this about the difference between “ethical” naturists and recreational naturists: “Ethical Naturists are described as seeing themselves as part of a philosophy with ethical and moral aspects while recreational nudists are simply participating in a leisure activity that involves nudity.”

I don’t think it is quite as cut and dried as that. I totally get ethical naturism and the distaste for and rebellion against textiles, and of course I fully support it. But I am not at war with textiles like some naturists I know, who only wear clothes when they actually have to in public settings. In today’s world, few can live it 24/7.

I love clothes, too. So, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

And that’s what I plan on doing during the winter months.

How about you?

— Jillian