Bees have feelings. They have likes and dislikes. They have character.

That was the gist of an intro by David Suzuki (I think) to a nature show the other day.

It pulled at my heartstrings.

Awww . . .

I felt my heart might fully break if I watched the whole show.

I had never really thought about insects in terms of character.

I thought, if bees have character, the same could probably be said for all other insects.

And I was reminded of something that I already knew: animals on land and in the sea have character, too. The deer in the forest, the tuna in the ocean, the chicken in the slaughterhouse.

Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

So, like so many other people, I try not to think about it.

But when you do think about it, you remember the many characters with likes and dislikes murdered by man every day around the world.

Then I remembered that we are animals, too. We are the most feared predator on the planet, no matter how civilized and spiritually evolved we think we might be.

We kill to eat, be it indirectly by supporting the so-called meat industry and buying its products in markets, or by doing the killing ourselves in the forests and farms and oceans and lakes.

Then I thought about all the people speaking out about climate change and Eurasian milfoil in our lakes etc., and I wondered why they don’t speak out so much against the hunters who go into our forests to kill for sport. Why aren’t they moving to ban that bloodsport in their neck of the woods and beyond? Why aren’t they calling for an end to the entire meat industry?

Why do they remain silent about the killing of so many innocent characters with likes and dislikes?

Because they support the killing regime?

Because they just don’t want to think about it?

Because they aren’t directly affected by it?

All these thoughts were brought on by a simple, brief intro to a documentary about the sweetest insects on Mother Earth.

I couldn’t watch it, knowing our collective sin. We don’t have to kill anymore, but we do it, anyway.

I felt too much guilt.

I didn’t want to think about it.

— Jillian