Some readers may be wondering why there aren’t any new posts about nudism/naturism in this blog.

Answer: that subject has been spun off into a new forum on substack called The Naturism Community. Most posts there can be read for free by subscribers — at least for a limited time until a paywall kicks in. But since the posts are sent to subscribers’ email accounts, the paywall is mostly not an issue.

Having said that, we do also have readers who pay a nominal fee — to keep me in coffee. Thanks to them, I am inspired to put out least a couple of posts a week. If it was a total freebie, I suspect I would not be as diligent. So, they get a little more, naturally, with some exclusive posts now and then as well as the ability to comment on every post and to go back and view older posts on the website.

We also have guest writers as well as a fairly regular contributor in California — Fred Heiser. As well, I lean on the expertise of Ted Thompson, president of the Ottawa Naturists club, for advice now and then, and several members of that organization are subscribers to The Naturism Community as well.

We’re trying something a little different there: we’re taking a newsletter approach and aiming it at an audience that is already up to speed on the benefits of naturism. So, it is not a Naturism 101 newsletter; there are already plenty of good naturism blogs and sites aimed at newbies.

The newsletter was started at the beginning of the year. We have 110 subscribers so far, with about 10 percent of them choosing to keep me in coffee.

Most posts take a fair bit of research and writing, as they do for all of our contributors. The one time I tried to dash off a post — this past week — I got burned for it. It was my bad, and a reader called me out on an unwise generalization I had made. I actually appreciated that. I fixed the issue, apologized, and have resolved not to rush a post again.

Sigh . . . even seasoned journalists can make goofs sometimes.

Anyway, if you are interested, feel free to check out The Naturism Community site. The top three posts there today are open for everyone for the next week before the paywall kicks in.