Sigh . . . A woman can’t buy enough pantyhose, it seems. They just don’t last. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on them, they will develop a run, sometimes within moments after you put them on. Sure, once in a while I have some that hold up for four or five wearings. But that’s pretty rare. I need a rich benefactor just to keep me in pantyhose — and it’s the time of the season when I wear them every working day.

You’d think, though, that pantyhose manufacturers would find a way to make them last longer . . . no, wait, silly me. The higher the turnover, the greater the profits, yes?

Another (not-deep-at-all) thought about pantyhose: I can wear “nude” or “natural” pantyhose every day to the office, and nobody would think twice about it. But heaven forbid if I wore the same dress every day. Pantyhose are in a class by themselves . . . beyond clothes . . . smiles . . .

Time to get ready for work now . . .

Good morning, world.