Grrr . . . I’m thinking that many website designers assume everyone has high-speed, unlimited Internet usage, and that’s why they post videos that play automatically on their pages.

Well, news flash to all website designers: not all of us have unlimited download capabilities. I live in a remote area — as do many Canadians — that is not served by high-speed landlines, so I have limited Internet access. I use a Rogers mobile stick for the hefty sum of $50 a month, which gives me a mere 2GB of downloading. That’s a little more than 2,000MB per month, which is fine for writing/retrieving emails, blogging and even doing some research so that I can write my blogs. But watching videos is out of the question: they use up too much of my download allowance.

I don’t mind websites with news stories that have one video at the top of a page that plays automatically after it appears on the screen. It’s simple enough to stop — just click the little box on the left at the bottom of the video. But I accessed one site today — while doing research for this blog — that has what appears to be a series of small, square ads (seven, I think) on the right-hand side of the page, which I paid no attention to while I started reading the article. Midway through, I discovered the little ads were, in fact, videos that had all started playing — and had cost me 18MB of download allowance. I closed the page without reading any more of the article . . . and I feel burned.

So, while it cost me 18MB on that page to read half an article, it has cost me a mere 700.445KB — less that 1 MB — to write this post. Of course, it’s not the subject I planned to write about this morning, and I’ll have to wait till I get to the office so that I can continue my research there — during my dinner break, of course, not on company time because blogging is not part of my job: it is a labour of free love.

OK, so why am I being such a grinch this morning? Well, an alert from Rogers warned me that I have surpassed 75 percent of my monthly usage allowance, and I still have six days to go before the counter is reset.

Sigh . . . (Oops, that long sigh put this post over the 1MB mark!)