Playful reflections


Capping off a three-day weekend with a glass of wine and some new-age music . . . and these free-flowing thoughts . . .

I wonder if being a bisexual person is the most difficult of all sexual orientations (hetero, lesbian, gay, bisexual), especially if you are in a monogamous relationship? I am a bisexual person in such a relationship with a woman I love, but I do miss the sexual experience of being with a big, strong man . . . of being taken . . . sigh . . . there is nothing like it . . .

I also miss being a dominatrix — the playful, tongue-in-cheek sort, not for money — and having men worship me . . . sigh . . . such fun . . . (giggles)

Yes, these pleasures I have sacrificed in the name of love.

I suppose everyone who is in a monogamous relationship feels the need for sexual variety at times, but suppresses it or restricts it to fantasy, and I suspect most people have sexual fantasies. I wonder how many hetero people fantasize about same-sex encounters or serving a dominatrix; I wonder how many of my readers would admit it here . . . Do tell . . .

Do tell . . .



2 thoughts on “Playful reflections

  1. Jill, you asked in a recent post if we had made any new year resolutions, I made one I knew would be easy to keep and gave up sex…


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