Tis the season for black, yes?

In keeping with the All Souls theme, I’m going goth for a while . . . and for quite a while, apparently, because I bought enough black nail polish to last a year at least. I wear a lot of black clothing and spiky black boots, anyway. So the only thing I am missing is black lip colouring — and I am working on that.

Yes, I know . . . it’s all so juvenile. Smiles . . . But I won’t go out trick or treating on Halloween, at least I won’t be tricking for candies (winks).

What are you doing for Halloween? Going to a party? If so, what will be your costume?

On another note, I saw two early signs of Christmas the other night. A billboard outside a business was advertising a “Before Christmas sale.” About a half-hour later, I drove by a house already adorned with blazing Christmas lights.

Sigh . . .

— Jillian