So much for barelegging it . . .

OK, I know summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21. But it has been more like autumn in my part of the world this past week, with temperatures dipping to just 4 or 5 degrees above the freezing mark overnights and up to the low teens (Celsius) during the day. Plus, it has been grey, grey, grey . . . except for today, for now. But there is more grey forecast for the weekend, more low temperatures.

It certainly hasn’t been nudism/naturism weather. I’m bundling up to keep warm — and have had to turn the heat on in the house these past two nights.

I’m beginning to suspect that we are in for a cooler-than-usual summer, after a cold spring. And summer is usually short in this area, anyway: by mid-August, the leaves are already starting to show the first signs of fall colours.

Maybe I shouldn’t have left the snow tires on my car all summer?

Hmm . . .

So, what gives with the weather these days? Why do we seem to be getting more global cooling in Quebec than global warming?

Conspiracy theories, anyone?

Winks . . .

Hope it’s warmer where you live.

— Jillian