A week or so ago, I was wondering if summer would ever arrive. I had to turn the heat on in my house for a while because it was so cold.

This evening, I had my first dip in the lake this year.

Yes, summer is here, with the temperature in the mid- to upper 20sC (between 70 and 80F).

And they are saying it will be humid this weekend — which makes for good swimming weather, yes?

As anyone who has swam naked in a cool Laurentians lake will tell you, it is quite possibly the most refreshing swim you can have.

Fortunately, we have no alligators or poisonous snakes and spiders to worry about in these parts. And a school of mid-size fish (either sunfish or perch) didn’t seem to mind me splashing about this evening . . . it was all good.

I’ve often marvelled at the view of the lake when you are part of it, with only your head bobbing above the surface.

I can’t help but think if some of the troubled people I’ve written about recently could have gone skinny dipping in such a natural environment before they derailed their lives, it might have soothed their troubled souls — and perhaps awakened them to the ripple effects of their actions and changed the course of their lives.

Indeed, I wonder if I changed the life of a fisherman this evening, out in his boat a couple of hundred yards away from where I was splashing about. I could see the ripples I was causing stretching out to him, and I wondered if I was scaring away the fish . . . perhaps denying him his dinner, perhaps saving the lives of some trout . . .

Whatever, the fisherman started up his silent electric motor and moved off farther down the lake, beyond the reach of my ripples . . .

— Jillian

P.S. Gas-powered motorboats and other such fueled watercraft are not allowed in this lake. The water is very pure; people use it as their primary source of drinking water.