I guess it isn’t a big surprise to anyone that Donald Trump took 33.1 percent of the vote in California — where fewer than 10 million people bothered to cast ballots, apparently?

I suppose the low voter turnout there was because the outcome was a foregone conclusion: Hillary Clinton would take the state and its 55 electoral college votes. And it was also probably assumed by most that a majority of the people who would cast ballots would also vote in favour of the legalization of recreational marijuana, which also passed.

But the Los Angeles Times has an interesting piece about one precinct in Beverly Hills that voted for Trump.

My second home (I wish!).

Yes, you read that correctly: Beverly Hills, “along Sunset Boulevard in the shadow of the Beverly Hills Hotel, voters picked Donald Trump over Clinton, creating an island of red in a sea of blue.”

Consider this post a pointer to their article.

I’ll also be experimenting with fonts later today for this blog, and will use this one for that purpose.

— Jillian

Photo credit: The Beverly Hills Hotel. (Source: Alan Light/Wikimedia Commons)