Nudism/Naturism: Not so easy for celebrities and politicians

Imagine if the president of the United States and his wife wanted to be practising nudists. Their lifestyle would be very restricted, to say the least, far more so than the average naturist. They couldn’t stroll along the shore of a public naturist beach, even with their security people in tow. The reason: the paparazzi and other media types would be snapping pictures of them and posting them online.

No, it just wouldn’t do for the conservative folks of America and the world to be seeing their president in the buff, even though beneath the suits is a very naked man — as naked as everyone else is, quite naturally.

And so it goes for most people in the public eye. The naturists among them are limited to private settings away from the prying eyes and lens of the paparazzi.

Heidi Klum. (Photo credit: j-No via / CC BY-NC-ND)
Heidi Klum. (Photo credit: j-No via / CC BY-NC-ND)

Celebrity model and actress Heidi Klum talks about this in an article on the OceanDrive site, which in turn was picked up by Esquire for a short piece.

Klum says her love of nudism is rooted in her childhood, when her mom and dad would take her to public nude beaches — my favourite settings for naturism. But she can’t go to places like that today, because of aforementioned paparazzi.

“Unfortunately, paparazzi always follow us, in a helicopter or they hang behind a bush or a boat and they come up with scuba gear,” she says.

She says any photos they might take of her and her family in such situations would be miscontrued.

Indeed, photos of that nature might paint her and naturists in general as attention seekers frolicking for the cameras.

On another note: My apologies for not writing more about naturism in the past few months. I know many readers here are naturists. So, I will be sure to renew my focus on the subject now.

— Jillian

Top photo credit: Families swimming nude at a hot spring in Taiwan. Many naturists take settings like this for granted, but celebrities need to pick and choose such locations very carefully to keep away from the prying eyes and lens of the media. (Photo: Albert Yam, CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikipedia)

15 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Not so easy for celebrities and politicians

  1. But with the Donald, all bets are off. After all, he knows a good Branding opportunity when he sees one. Melania would certainly not be a problem for sore eyes. But he off course would have to be Photoshopped %P


  2. They couldn’t do it anyway, for security reasons. Imagine being naked except for a bullet-proof vest? Or the entourage of dressed Secret Service personnel? Or them running around naked except for wearing an under-arm weapon holster? Kinda conspicuous. No. if your vanity and ego pushes you to want to be a President, then you have to accept your life, in total, isn’t going to be normal for at least four years and even beyond that, even when the gig was over. But then Trump must be already used to it, with his private security team around him.

    As an aside, one wag on Reddit said he would vote for Trump, because he had never seen a President assassinated before. I would guess that Trump’s chances of that are a bit higher than his predecessors for all the reasons that don’t have to be gone over again. But again, I am sure that Trump is already used to that ever-present risk, given the number of enemies he has made during his business dealings n the past, so, nothing new there either.

    Besides, how easy is it to make money when you’re naked? I don’t see Trump as being interested in the subject either theoretically or practically just because there is no money in it.


    1. So why is the Porn industry worth 20kb$? He may surprise you! He surprised everybody. Or at least, the American electorate has. But maybe I am naive. After all, “the system is rigged, folks” %@%\


  3. A few years ago the Republicans were horrified that the First Lady, Michelle, wore a sleeveless gown.

    Melania Trump did a naked shoot for GQ Magazine in girl-on-girl photos, and the Republicans think that she is a perfect first-lady in waiting.

    The hypocrisy is so thick, it hurts.


  4. The rich and famous have private islands where they escape to do as they like.

    There were Presidents who were at least partial nudists. Teddy Roosevelt went skinny dipping in the Potomac River regularly, and JFK did so in the White House pool. I think there were others, too.

    The Governor of Vermont sort of outed himself, a few years ago, when he was woken by noise on his porch, and found bears trying to get his bird feeders. When he told a reporter about this, he said that he chased the bears off long enough to run out naked to gather the feeders. The story went national, about him running after bears, bare-ass.


  5. Good Post – I wouldn’t worry to much about writing more about naturism. As I find unless you go to many different places and get naked it’s very difficult to write diverse and differing posts that people haven’t read before šŸƒ


  6. I just went to a naturist holiday party, this weekend, where one couple brought a slideshow on their laptop of their travels to naturist locations around the world. Some of the photos were from the 1960’s and 70’s, and I noticed more of these shots were of groups, while the more recent ones were just the couple, or with one or two friends. Back before the advent of computers, digital cameras, and the internet, people were less concerned about photos in naturist settings. There wasn’t the concern that photos could end up on websites and on display to countless strangers. Today, most of us would avoid suggesting taking photos except maybe with close friends.

    I remember participating in the world record skinny dip at a nudist resort, a few years ago, where they took a photo of everyone in the water. The person with the camera stood far enough away that no one could be identified, or really even tell who was male or female. They only would send copies of the photo to those who provided a mailing address, (snail mail,) and it was a wallet size photo which was almost indecipherable as a swimming scene.

    Unfortunately, it’s not just celebrities who have lost some freedom due to modern technology.


    1. Very true, Scott. Most naturists know not to take photos in which people can be recognized in social nudism setting. But it is the non-naturists at, say, clothing-optional beaches we have to worry about. And the paparazzi, of course.


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