Imagine if the president of the United States and his wife wanted to be practising nudists. Their lifestyle would be very restricted, to say the least, far more so than the average naturist. They couldn’t stroll along the shore of a public naturist beach, even with their security people in tow. The reason: the paparazzi and other media types would be snapping pictures of them and posting them online.

No, it just wouldn’t do for the conservative folks of America and the world to be seeing their president in the buff, even though beneath the suits is a very naked man — as naked as everyone else is, quite naturally.

And so it goes for most people in the public eye. The naturists among them are limited to private settings away from the prying eyes and lens of the paparazzi.

Heidi Klum. (Photo credit: j-No via / CC BY-NC-ND)
Heidi Klum. (Photo credit: j-No via / CC BY-NC-ND)

Celebrity model and actress Heidi Klum talks about this in an article on the OceanDrive site, which in turn was picked up by Esquire for a short piece.

Klum says her love of nudism is rooted in her childhood, when her mom and dad would take her to public nude beaches — my favourite settings for naturism. But she can’t go to places like that today, because of aforementioned paparazzi.

“Unfortunately, paparazzi always follow us, in a helicopter or they hang behind a bush or a boat and they come up with scuba gear,” she says.

She says any photos they might take of her and her family in such situations would be miscontrued.

Indeed, photos of that nature might paint her and naturists in general as attention seekers frolicking for the cameras.

On another note: My apologies for not writing more about naturism in the past few months. I know many readers here are naturists. So, I will be sure to renew my focus on the subject now.

— Jillian

Top photo credit: Families swimming nude at a hot spring in Taiwan. Many naturists take settings like this for granted, but celebrities need to pick and choose such locations very carefully to keep away from the prying eyes and lens of the media. (Photo: Albert Yam, CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikipedia)