Quote of the day: Donald Trump on Taiwan

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but I find the following very refreshing along with his ‘too hell with ridiculous protocol’ attitude. I look forward to seeing him sit down with Vladimir Putin for a good heart-to-heart discussion.

Photo credit: Pretty picture shows the Dijiu Suspension Bridge at Chukou Village, in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area in Chiayi County, Taiwan. Longyin Temple is at the bottom left. (Source: Malcolm Koo, CC-BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons)

10 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Donald Trump on Taiwan

  1. That he even acknowledged the President of Taiwan is a direct insult to China. China will now react. How will you feel when China uses force to occupy Taiwan after this colossal bungle? If we break the “one-China” agreement of 1979 by recognizing Taiwan, then there are few restraints to stop them. Of course, Trump wants to build hotels in Taiwan. Note that Trumps team initiated the call, and when the President of Taiwan was located and ready to talk, she called him at an appointed time. “She called him” is mincing words- Trump’s team initiated the call.

    How about inviting the president of the Philippines to visit the US, even though the thug has given orders that drug dealer suspects who die in custody will not be investigated. Some 4,000 suspects have been killed by the police in the Phillipines, and no one cares. Trump must be looking at that as an example of “Law and Order”.

    How about his conversation with the President of Pakistan whom Trump told “we’ve got your back”? In complete ignorance of the claim that India has on Kashmir. These two nuclear states are already on a hair-trigger war status. Could this be all the support Pakistan needs to use military force to remove any Indian presence in Kashmir? After all, Trump said “we’ve’ got your back”.

    Putin? Trump’s idol? Trump is OK with Russia claiming the Crimea as Russian territory. Would Trump ever challenge his buddy, Putin, if Russia decides to take the rest of Ukraine by force?

    As one Senator said: “This is how wars start.”

    Just how much damage can Trump cause when he is sworn in and his idiocy becomes official US policy? Our allies are worried- and they have good reason.


  2. A narcissist really has no conscience when it comes to the well being of others, and therefore the country, except that which he can profit from or aggregate power. At least with Hillary you know that for whatever reason, war would be on principle for the nation. But a hotel? Precisely! But then, that’s what Boardwalk is all about isn’t it %@


      1. What conflict of interest? Since when is Goldman-Sachs a “conflict of interest”? Repealing Dodd-Frank would be a bingo though. The duck quacks like a duck quacks %P


  3. I found it interesting how China’s measured and cool response to Trump’s game really seemed to get under Trump’s thin skin. When China just dismissed the Taiwan call as due to Trump’s “inexperience,” Donald then unleashed a tirade about China that sounded quite unstatesman-like. I’d say the Chinese know how to get the better of him.

    The next Secretary of State is going to seem like a global firefighter, having to run all over the world putting out the fires of Trump’s careless tweets. Foreign policy is more complex than 140 character statements can grasp.


  4. Interesting how this story continues to unfold. It turns out there was nothing spontaneous about that phone call. The whole thing was arranged by Trump supporter, and former senator, Bob Dole, who has worked as a, “foreign agent,” (lobbyist,) for Taiwan for some time. Dole’s law firm was paid $140,000 in the past 6 months by Taiwan according to the required disclosure report Dole recently filed. Trump’s Tweets were, again, misleading. The whole thing seems so much like just what he harped on about Hillary being guilty of in the past. Using public office to benefit friends. (I do think the U.S. should have more direct contact with Taiwan, but this isn’t how we should do it.)

    So much for the, “Drain The Swamp,” slogan. Trump is going to have his own swamp, and he’s not even waiting to be in office.

    Also, Pence has been receiving the daily intelligence briefings since the election, but Trump has only occasionally done so.

    This would be funny, if it weren’t probably just a matter of time before Trump’s carelessness starts causing people to be in danger or get killed.


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