There’s much ado today in political circles and the media about North Korea’s latest chest-thumping declaration, that it has developed a hydrogen bomb it could theoretically fire at the United States on an ICBM.

No doubt, N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un is relishing the world reaction and attention he is receiving today. He seems to crave that sort of thing, even though he surely knows he could never actually use such a weapon and see his country survive afterward.

In other words, smart people know Kim Jong-un is all talk and no real action, even if he has the capability — like so many other leaders in the nuke club. The boys have toys they can’t ever use because, well, it’s obvious, yes?

Still, the world will have to accept that North Korea has joined the nuke club, and let Kim Jong-un play in the game that nobody can win.

I’d be more concerned today if ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organizations were able to fire such ICBMs at the United States, because I have no doubt they would do it.

Say what you will about Kim Jong-un, but he is not a terrorist leader. He simply wants to protect his nation, something most other responsible leaders want for their countries.

— Jillian

Photo: Drawing of Kim Jong-un. Source: En-cas-de-soleil/Wikimedia Commons