So, police in Canada are asking the Trudeau government to delay the legalization of marijuana — from its July 1, 2018 date — by six months to a year because they claim they need more time to properly train officers to do roadside testing for impaired drivers, and to raise public awareness about the impairment effects of smoking marijuana, various reports says.

There are also reports the police are concerned about the plan to allow citizens to grow up to four plants in their homes because it could lead to easy access for underage people.

As if the police had been doing a good job all along of curtailing the use of marijuana among teens and others and next July 1 they no longer will be able to do so. . .


The reason why the Trudeau government is legalizing pot is because law enforcement officials were never able to stop it from being sold and used — in other words, if you can’t beat them, join ’em.

One has to wonder about the various police forces calling for a delay now. I mean, they have had many years to combat the evil weed and bust impaired drivers — people have been driving while high on pot since the 1960s.

The only thing a delay would do is stop legal cannabis companies and their government pushers from reaping huge profits and more taxes, while allowing the various illegal growers and sellers to continue profiting.

Indeed, any time I hear opposition to the legalization of pot by politicians, law enforcement officials and others, I wonder whose side they are really on.

— Jillian

Photo: by Aleks on Wikimedia Commons