“Pantyhose are a male conspiracy.”

I found myself agreeing with that statement by a colleague the other day at work. She had stopped by my desk to tell me how nice — and comfortable — my black leggings looked.

And warm with their fleece lining, I had told her — so much more practical than pantyhose.

Indeed, I seldom wear pantyhose anymore. I’m really into leggings and jeggings, which I can wear with a dress or a long sweater or top. I wear nylon anklets with them indoors, and any kind of heel that suits my mood that day. My colleague particularly liked that combination’s look, she said.

My g/f and I bought some jean jeggings online recently (see picture above) — I love them so much that we ordered more. And the local Dollarama store is selling aforementioned black leggings and other colours for a mere $3.50.

Not to say that I will never wear pantyhose again. Once in a while, maybe a few times a year for certain occasions.

But some longtime readers of my various blogs will see this as some sort of evolution for me because just a decade ago, I was singing the praises of pantyhose. And they might even be saying “I told you so.”

Smiles . . .

— Jillian

Photo: Jean jeggings by Comfortisse, from their website.