That’s how a concerned columnist summed up people who seemingly shrug off climate change.

Indeed, that word could apply in a multitude of circumstances to people around the world who choose not to think about the suffering of their fellow man and all creatures great and small. I guess it’s just a coping mechanism because if you empathize with every suffering sentient being, you might cry all of your days away.

The downside of indifference is that some people take advantage of it, to the point that the masses today are dominated by, and mostly indifferent to, bullying little dinks. I say little dinks because it is mostly men who have controlled the masses through history and have made such a mess of the world, and it wouldn’t surprise me if their lust for power and money along with their cruelty is related to a tiny dink complex.

Tsk, tsk, you might be saying. Isn’t that somewhat sexist?

Nah. I wouldn’t call good men “big dinks.”

Before this gets too outrageous, what’s really on my mind is this: how is it that some people on this planet let obvious nutcases — i.e. little dinks — run their countries and oppress them in so many ways?

OK, I know the answer: they’re afraid, to the point of indifference — until it comes knocking on their door. Hence, rifle-wielding little dinks are forcing people to live in ancient, superstitious theocratic modes, denying children education, and treating women like slaves. The latter is happening — and has always happened — in many countries around the world: little dinks are oppressing women.

Just how is it the little dinks think they have the right and authority do commit these atrocities, anyway? That’s the part I don’t get. What happens to a little boy who grows up and thinks he has the right to boss everyone around as he sees fit? To treat women like chattel, and everyone else like cattle? To imprison and murder innocent people?

It’s not just conservative politicians and despots. It’s industry leaders, too. So many little dinks are unfit to lead, and they hurt people and the planet in myriad ways day in and day out.

And people let them get away with it!

It boggles the mind.

Honestly, I’m thinking these days that if there really were a God or an alien race that created us, they would probably wipe us all out and forget the human race ever existed because, clearly, their grand experiment with Planet Earth went off the rails in the proverbial Garden of Eden.

Perhaps the first real waves of the climate emergency we’re seeing this summer is their method of human extermination.

Or perhaps it is simply karma, as in one reaps what they sow, and not divine or extraterrestrial intervention at all.

Whatever the case, the little dinks have brought it upon themselves — and everyone else. We’ll all pay because we collectively didn’t stand up to the little dinks around the world.

The little dinks have ruined the planet for everyone, and they’ve made countless lives miserable over the ages.

And they won’t stop until the end because they’re stupid, plain and simple.

And the masses will remain indifferent until the end because, yah, you know.


Click, click.

— Jillian