We were being bullied.

We were being violated.

We were being raped.

That’s how I felt about the situation in Canada this past month as trucker convoys and various hangers-on held the citizens of this country hostage with blockades at our borders and a massive occupation of our capital city of Ottawa.

I didn’t sleep well on many nights. I feared for my country, and I knew it might never be the same again. I’m pretty sure it has left me with some degree of PTSD. At a time when we should have all been cheering as we emerge from the pandemic, the convoy protests slapped us back down again.

And just as police forces finally got the protests in Canada under control, Vladimir Putin and his cronies started raping the world through an invasion of their peaceful neighbour, Ukraine, with implied threats of nuclear war if the West tried to intervene.

Yes, the people of Ukraine are being bullied, violated and raped by Vladimir Putin and his minions. The Ukrainian people are feeling the worst of it. But the whole world is being affected. Putin is slapping down humanity.

Nuclear war is probable now. Putin’s “sense of reality,” as one article put it in The Guardian, is being questioned. He appears to be suffering from mental illness. He may think he can win a limited nuclear war, analysts are saying. And as the West ramps up sanctions against Russia, Putin may feel he has nothing to lose. Humanity seems to be expendable to him.

Ultimately, of course, it won’t end well for Vladimir Putin. He is No.1 on the world’s list of Most Wanted criminals, dead or alive. But he may leave civilization in ruins by the time he takes his last breath.

I suspect that it will be the Russian people who will rout him out of the Kremlin in the end. They might jam up the streets around him with convoy-like protests, and the military would be loathe to kill vast numbers of their own people.

Putin’s rape of Ukraine is the beginning of the end for him, and it’s a grave of his own making. He didn’t have to be so mean. He could have been a nice guy and brought love to the world — and been loved in return.

Click, click . . .

— Jillian

We are not brought into existence by chance nor thrown up into earth-life like wreckage cast along the shore, but are here for infinitely noble purposes.— Katherine Tingley