Hydro-Quebec bills: Stop taxing us!

Does anybody else in Quebec think we shouldn’t be paying GST and QST taxes (a combined 14.975%) on our Hydro-Quebec bills?

What a scam!

Electricity is a necessity in our lives, like food. We shouldn’t be taxed on it.

The PQ and other parties should turn their attention away from creating petty symbolic issues (see Charter of Quebec values) that make them look busy and address the real bread-and-butter issues in this province. Stop ripping us off!

Perhaps it’s time for a new political party in Quebec that has the people’s best interests at heart, because the current parties certainly don’t.


15 thoughts on “Hydro-Quebec bills: Stop taxing us!

    1. Well, Alex, somebody (hint, hint) could start a petition on Change.org calling for the abolition of QST and GST taxes on our Hydro-Quebec bills. And then journalists like me can point to the petition, which could say something like this, in both languages:

      We, the undersigned, call on the Quebec and Canadian governments to drop the QST and GST taxes on our Hydro-Quebec bills. We believe electricity is a necessity, like food, and should not be taxed.

      Nous, les soussignés, appellent les gouvernements québécois et canadiens d’abandonner les taxes TPS et TVQ sur nos factures Hydro-Québec. Nous croyons que l’électricité est une nécessité, comme la nourriture, et ne doit pas être imposé.

      Let me know when you’ve set it up . . . smiles . . .


      1. lol . . . if they turn off your power, you can come stay here. But, it’s not Hydro-Quebec that is charging the taxes — it’s the governments, both provincial and federal.


      2. This could be a useful election tool for someone. I don’t think any government wants to give up tax $ . If you don’t focus it properly, no one will react. Ottawa wouldn’t go for it, cause then all the other provinces would want the same deal, and then why not give a tax break to gasoline consumers too? or people who heat with oil.


  1. What we really need to do is petition the provincial parks to set aside areas for naturists, much like Oka. Not only places with water, but also areas for walks and just sun worship.


  2. I’m a flat-taxer. Have one tax rate, put it on everything, and be done with it. Ditto for income tax: flat rate, no exemptions or deductions. If society (with the government acting as its agent) feels someone should have extra money for some reason, then do it straight-forwardly and give them money, not a deduction, exemption, or tax credit, all of which are attempts to claim it doesn’t cost everyone else.


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