The good things about winter . . .

If you live in snow country, you are probably getting fed up with winter round about now, eh? And spring is still a long way off . . . sigh . . .

But surely there are some positive things to be said for winter, especially if you are into snow sports (which I am not). Such as, there are no mosquitoes and black flies buzzing around my head when I step out the door! That’s a good thing, eh?

What about you? What do you like about winter?

— Jillian, California Dreamin’

5 thoughts on “The good things about winter . . .

  1. Once Christmas is over the tourist finally leave (there are a lot of them) San Francisco residents get the place to ourselves for a few months. It can rain abiy but there is no snow.


  2. You could try the Swedish sauna thing and jump au naturel into the snow. We’re sure that will drive a winter blahs away! I was going to suggest ice-fishing but frankly I wouldn’t eat any fish coming out of the St. Lawrence. However several bottles of Mead or mugs of hot-buttered rum go nicely in the cabanes! Valentine’s Day is around the corner |D :*


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