“You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows,” Bob Dylan sang.

Nor, apparently, do we need scientists to tell us the Earth is cooling these days. At least, it is in this part of the world, which has had its coldest winter in 10 years — and where the temperature today is about -15C.

It’s Spring, in theory, but winter in reality.

So, what happened to global warming, anyway? Did the scientists actually mean “some parts of the globe”? Which wouldn’t be global warming, would it? It would be partial global warming.

Last summer in these parts was no hotter than usual. In fact, it was as short as always and rather cool, if I recall correctly.

Is global warming a myth? Or was enough action taken that we have avoided the feared global meltdown?

Sometimes I think we overestimate man’s influence on the planet. Sure, we might wipe ourselves out with our pollution and such. But the planet will rebound afterward . . . until such time the Sun fizzles out and this planet become a barren clump of rock in the darkness of space.

Meanwhile . . . could we please have some warm weather!

— Jillian