What if your child was trans or gay?

As Ontario’s Bill 77 becomes law today, some people are decrying it as a loss of power for parents. The bill will ban reparative therapy — also known as conversion therapy — from being used on children under 18 for sexual orientation or gender identity issues.

From what I know of reparative therapy, it is quite brutal and can be, figuratively speaking, compared to beating its victims into submission.

Of course, therapy itself is not being banned. If a child has issues, he or she can still see a therapist — but not one who has been instructed to beat the homosexuality or transgenderism out of the child. A good therapist will soon help a child discover whether their transgenderism or homosexuality is a passing phase or not. If it isn’t, the therapist will help the child accept and fulfill themselves — because, you see, there is nothing wrong with being gay or trans.

Sadly, there are still parents in this day and age who believe in “spare the rod, spoil the child,” and enforce their archaic religious belief systems on their children through the use of canes and such — and reparative therapy, whether done through therapists specializing in that field or their church elders. Yes, children are being mind-whipped and physically beaten because mummy and daddy are stuck in time warps . . .

So, my question to you, for discussion:

How would you react if your children under, say 15, announced they are gay or trans?

— Jillian

7 thoughts on “What if your child was trans or gay?

  1. Yes, it’s always been like that. Children suffering from the efforts of deterined parents wanting to make them what they are not. It is especially tough and gay and trans kids. With my three kids it never came up and they were never forced to be what they were not. But if a kid of mine was gay or different from the norm in any way we would have accommodated them. It’s the right and best thing to do.


  2. Well i wouldn’t wish for anyone’s mother to react the way mine did. There’s support groups for parents of the LGBT Community. They must have an open mind.


  3. My daughter came out to us recently. Not that way, she announced that she is “engaged” to her boyfriend. He is someone who we think has no future – trailer park at best. (He thinks a pizza delivery job is sufficient to support a family). So, if she came out as gay or engaged to this loser, it wouldn’t make any difference how we love and support her. We are not going to try to discourage her choice, but we’re giving her a crash course in the reality of marriage and being responsible. And we’re not telling grandma who is an American version of Queen Victoria. But without the money, castle and servants. Just the attitude.


  4. It is fine to say what we think we would say but the truth is, can we really know how we would re-act immediately. As a parent, we want the best for our children. We want them to be able to be themselves, of course, but not wishing them to have a more difficult life. it is easier now for gay and trans; as far as being accepted by family, friends and society. I think sometimes parents are in denial that their child could be gay or trans. And when their child finally says this to them, they are totally surprised, (in a taken aback sort of way.)


  5. Somehow for “some” reason I get the impression these issues and baises have a lot to do with $$. iotw. If you have a lot or are marrying into a lot you can do WETF you want with your sex. I suppose that is why the State+”Professional” Therapists are involved with this institution. Nothing to do with your sex or sexual orientation, just the all mighty $. If you don’t have the wealth you’re f****ed


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