That lovin’ feeling

There isn’t a day that goes by when my significant other and I don’t say those three special words to each other: “I love you.” Yup, after three years, we still have that lovin’ feeling.

I wonder if everybody else in relationships is as maple syrupy as we are?

I know from past romantic relationships I’ve been in that those three words tend to go unsaid long before things ended permanently.

When couples stop saying those three words, is it a sign that they have lost — or are losing — that lovin’ feeling?

I suspect it is . . .

What say you?

— Jillian

7 thoughts on “That lovin’ feeling

  1. Over 42 years of marriage, over 46 years together … we still say “I love you” at least once during each day and always at night. Disagreements and arguments happen but we try never to go to bed mad at one another.

    Each morning begins with a good morning kiss and hug!


  2. The Q is: “what is LOVE?” How do you describe the “feeling”? We’re not all poets. And besides, poetry doesn’t do it for some people. I know, I know “love” is many things to many people. Or is it? Just asking. I guess that’s why the Shrinks make lot’s $$$. Do you love your computer? Because it’s coming sooner than you think. Difficult


  3. I think “some” can still truly love one another without saying it. Some people have a truly hard time “saying” I love you but truly do love their significant other. I think there are other signs that would tell someone that they’ve “lost that lovin’ feeling” and it’s not just about not saying the words, “I love you.”


  4. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t say those three words to each other. And we’ve been doing it to close to 40 years


  5. Trying to think of something suitably sardonic to say before all the sugariness gives me diabetes (or is it ‘all that saccharine gives me cancer’)

    Has it really been three years? How time flies.


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