Yup. Who needs breast implants? Now that I am home from the hospital with aching and somewhat bloated belly, I’ve discovered that my breasts are somewhat larger than they were before I started on my voyage of medical discovery this week.

No doubt the saline solution drip bags hooked up to my arm are responsible — though my arm did not get any bigger (a mystery of life, yes?). I also notice that my face filled out a little bit, which is a good thing because I have lines on my face that I wish I could erase.

One of the reasons I have lines, no doubt, is because I never drink enough water. They say you should drink up to eight glasses a day. And, no, coffee doesn’t count as a cup of water, even if it has water in it. I happen to love coffee, much more than plain water, which further explains the lines. I have consumed a lot of coffee in my lifetime, though I am vowing to cut back now and . . . drink more water!

Anyway, one of the morals of the story is: if you want bigger boobs, you may not need to get breast implants. Just consume more water, preferably by drinking it rather than receiving it from an IV bag.


Thanks to everybody for your well-wishes. They were very comforting while I was lying in hospital beds. The things I have seen, the emotions I have felt . . . I’ll write a couple of posts about them.

Cheers (with a glass of water)

— Jillian